“Veronika Zemanova” Street Art Graffiti Painting Sexy Pin-Up Girl

Looks like another painting is being auctioned from Mr Bluprint…If you had the extra $625 to purchase this or the painting t-man posted days ago then it would be great to hang on the wall. You can easily find the painting by searching Veronika’s name. Wished she would pose for paintings. The artist has great talent that’s easy to see. You can see the other information t-man posted here

$_57 $_57 (2) $_57 (1)

Veronika Street Art Graffiti Painting

Found this being auctioned on ebay from artist mr. bluprint.

mr. bluprint (a.k.a mr. blu) is a Los Angeles based street & pop artist originally from London. His work has been featured at the Institute of Contemporary Art and on walls & galleries across the USA & Europe.

That painting would look fabulous hanging over any Veronika fan’s mantle!!!