Another Sketch by Adrian Johnson for Sale

Artist Adrian Johnson has made available a second print of a pencil sketch of Veronika this week on eBay. Fans will recognize this as pic #2 from “Set 030”. Adrian created this work of art in 2015 but has just reissued prints of it for sale.

Prints of this pic are currently available for sale on eBay. So hurry if you want to get your hands on a copy!!!

You can see the rest of Adrian’s talents on display on his page in the “Art Section”.

New Pencil Sketch from Adrian Johnson

Artist Adrian Johnson this week created a brand new pencil sketch of Veronika (thanks Adrian for bringing this to my attention and forwarding me a preview). Fans will recognize this as a pic from “Set 044”. Adrian has done a masterful job in recreating all the nuances of Veronika which almost bring this print to life.


Prints of this pic are currently available for sale on eBay. So hurry if you want to get your hands on a copy!!!

You can see the rest of Adrian’s talents on display on his page in the “Art Section”.

Set 470 **NEW**

Had one of those “heart attack” moments this week when one of the fans sent me a preview of images of Veronika he had found in a recent purchase of a Men Only magazine. He said that these looked like a new set. When I opened the email I was in complete shock … indeed brand new never before uncovered pics of Veronika in what now can be confirmed as being additional images to accompany the one lone “dog collar” pic which was part of Set 248. Here’s the preview of the new Set 470:


These were shot by Jeff Kaine in early 2001.

What I find the hardest to believe is that NO ONE found these before just this past week. Again reiterates my comments about PLEASE check any and all mags you might still have lying around. You never know what you will uncover!!!

Set 434 New Pic

Well I received a wonderful surprise from a fan the other day … he had found this image below on a website where folks can help identify woman they don’t recognize. The fellow on that website said that it was from a “poster” he had and was wanting the know the name of the woman depicted on it !!!! Well that was easy for us 😉 Great thing is it was a never before seen pic of Veronika for Set 434.


Now I need to see if I can find that poster OMG … this image ranks right up there with some of the best photos ever taken of Veronika … I hope you all agree!!!

Bestlegshow Updated Set 222 Pics

Some great news from “Bestlegshow” website this week … Jana Krenova releases a whole bunch of new higher resolution pics for Set 222 this week. All I can say is THANK YOU Jana … it really is fantastic to see these higher resolution pics released from some of these older sets of Veronika. Here’s a preview of the new releases as posted on her website:


Please go check out “Jana’s bestlegshow” to buy a copy of all the new pics!!!

This set was originally shot by Jana back in July 1998 … here’s hoping she opens her vault and releases many more “new” Veronika pics in the not too distant future. She appears to be only publisher still active who is willing to release newer material of Veronika for which we fans are all extremely grateful 🙂

Set 239 New Pic

Hard to believe that I came across this new pic for Set 239 hidden away in an issue of JUGGS magazine from Oct 1998. This magazine was actually filled with about a dozen new pics for this Set. Here is one of the samples:


This set was actually photographed almost a year earlier in July 1997 by Jana Krenova in Veronika’s home town.

Some More Fan Contributions

Wanted to pass along another example of some of the outstanding work some of the fans are doing …. this time from one of Veronika’s many fans in Japan … some colourised versions of one of her purely B&W sets …


I think that we can all agree that this brings this entire set into a whole new light !!!!!

If anyone else has something that they would like to see featured in the blog then please let me know … I would be happy to post it.

Set 016 New Pic

I have to say that I love the Japanese …. the food is great but more specifically the publishers!!! Any Japanese magazine which I have bought has always featured all new pics of Veronika. Looks like they obtained exclusive rights for certain images which were only ever featured in their magazines. It always feels like Christmas morning every time I receive a Japanese magazine and crack open the cover, cause I know that I will be treated to some goodies!!!

The issue of Dick magazine from June 2004 was no exception featuring 9 new pics over 6 pages from one of my favourite sets, namely Set 016. Just something about the combination of oil and Veronika which brought out the “dangerousness” of her already magnificent curves 😉

I hope that you all enjoy this new pic:


It was actually shot back in 2001 by photographer Paolo Tallarigo.