Set 447 Added

I made an interesting discovery regarding Set 206 yesterday. Set 206 was comprised of 2 different settings: one where Veronika sits on a chair and the other where she is in a room standing against a wall posing. In both cases she is wearing identical clothing and shoes so the obvious assumption must be that they were shot at the same time. The funny thing is these 2 versions were always published together as well. The strange thing is, upon closer examination the 2 sets could not have been shot at the same time as you will see. I was looking at that set yesterday and noticed something different between the 2 settings … her “shave below” was different … I thought hmmm that is strange … no way she would have shaved in the middle of a photo shoot :-) … then I looked at the eyebrows … plucked trimmed differently … then the rings she is wearing … different … and lastly the eye shadow … again completely different!!! The obvious conclusion being that the pics where shot at completely different times.

Don’t know why I missed this all these years.

Anyway have gone ahead and split Set 206 into 2 pieces … the chair poses remaining as Set 206 while the wall standing poses being placed into new Set 447. You can check out the differences for yourself here (click on pic to enlarge):

Set 206 Comparison

Turns out the the chair pics were shot at the same time as Set 073 … obvious now when you look at the furniture surroundings!!!

Still figuring out how this affects the Timeline … clearly some adjustments are needed to separate Sets 447 and 206 from the current sequence.

New Set 443 Released

Well here is the last of the 4 promised new sets. Is only 3 pics unfortunately but some very nice ones I hope you agree.

I found these printed in a 2004 Unity Calendar entitled “Dirty Dozen Gang”. When I first saw the calendar I thought great … new pics for Set 071 … then I realized .. wait a minute these are post implant pics so it can’t be Set 071 … so a new set after all. Just find it strange that other pics have never been uncovered before. Such a great looking set. Hard to believe this is only place they were ever published or released. The quality on these is not as great as usual since I could only take pictures of the calendar with my camera … did not have a scanner handy and don’t own this calendar (YET!!)

Have provided a preview and the full set below. Enjoy :-)


Set 443 - 001 - logo

Full set:

Set 443 - 001Set 443 - 002Set 443 - 003

Unfortunately the calendar did not list the source of the pics. It appeared to me that the picture might have fit with the Suze Randall pics she shot of Veronika in Sept. 2002, however I did get confirmation from Suze that she did not shoot this set. At this point the photographer is unknown. If someone happens to know, please feel free to drop me an email.

New Set 444 Released

Well you can’t imagine my surprise when I found these pictures about a month ago … actual photos from the infamous Schulhofmösen video. Only 4 so far but likely there are a few more out there for sure just waiting to be uncovered!!!

Find below a preview and the full set … enjoy!!!

Set 444 - 002 - logo

Set 444 - 001Set 444 - 002Set 444 - 003Set 444 - 004

Photographer is unknown for this set.

New Set 445 Released

OK … here is the first of 4 new sets I promised I would release over the course of the next few weeks. One pic from this set you will likely recognize … it used to be part of the Misc. set. I came across that pic plus 2 others in a recent issue of the Australian magazine called People I had purchased. Here is a preview plus links to the full sized pics for this set.

Set 445 - 003 - logo

Set 445 - 003Set 445 - 002Set 445 - 001

This photoshoot was part of several which Veronika was involved with during her promotional tour of Australia in 1998. Two other sets from this tour are Sets 094 and 142.

I have never been able to figure out who the actual photographer was for these Australian shoots … in every case a pseudonym has been used to date … for example Linda Lock and Ryan. If anyone can shed some light as to the real photographer’s name then please reply.

Timeline Added to Website

I officially launched the Veronika “Timeline” today.

I have been working on putting together an alternate view of all of Veronika’s photo shoots based on the month and year they were taken. This has to say the least been a very daunting task … the work has primarily been performed by dorian and I … we must have spent the last year debating which set’s belong where in the sequence … looking in some cases as things like length of hair, bruises, finger nails, toe nail colours etc. Sometimes it was easy .. we simply emailed the photographer and asked them for the date of a shoot … those were actually very helpful in pin pointing certain sets and looking at certain attributes of Veronika at the time … perfect example are the photo shoots where she has the white highlight streak in her hair .. those all coincided with her trips to Paris and LA in early 2002 … then on her return trip to LA in Sept you can still see only a remnant of the streak as it had started to grow out.

Today I finally completed sorting all of the 446 sets. You will now see a new menu item entitled “Timeline” at the top of most pages. Selecting that lets you view all of Veronika’s photo shoots in chronological order instead of the traditional set numbering sequence. I do not plan to renumber the sets to this new chronological order since if we ever find any new “old” sets that would require renaming every set again to put it in the correct sequence.

I hope that you will like this new feature of the website. You will also see that if you launch the site it will select the “Timeline” view as the default starting one for now.

Chrono Launch Pic

Thanks to dorian who sorted all the pre-2000 sets for me … was certainly a lot of help.

Any feedback / comments / suggestions welcome.


New Set 446

I guess this is the month of NEW sets … made another unbelievable find in a Night Society magazine sent to me by a friend. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the content!!! Inside were pics from a new set which I have been searching for for many many years. I am not certain whether these were ever published anywhere else, I suspect an issue of Dynamit (if someone can please confirm, then drop me an email), however these photos were all shot by David Muscroft in Prague back in 1998. I knew this photoshoot existed because I had come across some very small thumbnails some time ago, and so I spoke with David about the set at the time since I had recognized it was his work … he told me that he had thrown out all the original slide material to make room in his attic [ I cried that day ;-) ]. Since then I have been hunting for these pics and now finally found them and can add them to the index.

001 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 1 - A - logo

The complete set can be retrieved below:

013 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 2 - C012 - Night Society (5-2002) - Cover - A011 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 2 - A010 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 3 - C009 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 2 - D008 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 3 - D007 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 3 - B006 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 3 - A005 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 1 - B004 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 2 - E003 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 1 - C002 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 2 - B001 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 1 - A

New Danni Video Coming Soon

Thanks to an old friend of the forums who happened to find on his computer this never before seen video originally released by Danni as a webcast. It is an additional hour of footage of a strip between Veronika and Edita. The other hour was released as DAN-037 – “In Bed with Danni (Live Strip with Edita)”.

I will be adding this video to the index in the coming weeks after the new sets are added.

DAN-073 - VZ_EK_Strip425_p1 - Full

Enjoy the thumbnail preview for now.

4 New Sets Coming Soon

Have a special surprise planned for all Veronika fans in the next few weeks … 4 new sets will be added to the index … numbers 442 to 445!!!

Am still finding goodies hidden in magazines after all these years!!!! Another call to action for fans to check any and all magazines you might have lying around. You never know what gems you will discover.

I will be releasing 1 set / week to the index … here is a preview of the 4 new Sets ….

Set 445 PreviewSet 444 PreviewSet 443 PreviewSet 442 Preview

Veronika in Midweek Sport June 4, 2014

Well another appearance of Veronika in the June 4, 2014 issue of Midweek Sport. Looks like a nice higher resolution photo of a Set 414 pic on the cover, yet the contents are the same pics from Set 405 previously published many times. Not complaining, yet it would have been nice to see many more pics from Set 414 …. maybe next time :-)

Anyway … for those of you living in the UK, you have until June 6th to pick up an issue on the newsstands!!!!

Midweek Sport June 4, 2014 - Cover