Veronika in Issue of Midweek Sport Oct. 4, 2017

Great news!!!! At long last, Midweek Sport has once again decided to have Veronika grace the cover of one of their issues. Here’s the preview:

Those those of you living in the UK, you have today and tomorrow to try and pickup a copy on the newsstand!!!

Here’s hoping they don’t wait too much longer before Veronika’s next cover appearance 🙂

Set 420 New Rare Pic

Found this rare new pic for this Set in a Dynamit magazine from 2000 recently.

The reason I say rare …. this set was shot by David Muscroft. It was the first time that he had worked with Veronika in Prague back in 1998. Unfortunately David tossed all the originals from this first photoshoot which included Set 379 and 446 into the bin 🙁

So if you ever come across any additional pics from any of these 3 sets consider yourself lucky 😉

Buyer Beware — Fake Slides on eBay

Ah I see today a listing on eBay for a 35mm slide of our Veronika for Set 397. I wanted to make the real fans aware of this dupe by some guy trying to rip off the public simply to make a quick buck !!!!

Fake Set 387 Slide

How do I know it is fake ???

This set was shot by James Stafford as you can see if you click the Set link above. James is one of the photographers from which I have purchased everything he has to sell. I know for fact that James used a digital camera for this set so how could a 35mm slide of it exist?? Except if someone created one after the fact?? The last time James used a slide camera was for part of the Set 381 shoot… he told me that for that set he shot 1 roll slides and the rest digital as it was his first shoot that he ever went digital and figured he would take 1 roll at least using film just in case the digital did not work out. That was in 2005 … this slide being sold was shot in 2008 by the time James had gone fully digital. If you look close the slide being sold is actually “Photo 4” from that set … funny how a digital pic can be exactly the same as a 35mm print (unless a copy of course!!!!)

So buyer beware …. don’t buy and give this guy the satisfaction of ripping off a fan!!!!

BTW … this is not the first time that someone has tried to get away with selling fake slides of Veronika …there are very few actually up for sale … I good sign to tell if a fake is if the image is EXACTLY the same as one currently in one of the sets …. if not then there is a very good chance that it is a true original.

Set 016 New Pic

Well it has been a few weeks since I cracked open the magazine archives to post a new image … this time I decided to post one from one of my favourite sets … Set 016 !!! This set was filled with pics which had Veronika showing off her “new” curves as it was shot very shortly after she had her first breast augmentation surgery in 2001. This new image however shows off Veronika’s killer legs. Her legs were always so well toned. For me the only sets which showed off her legs even better were the 2 Suze sets (Set 255 and Set 256).

Enjoy the new pic!!!!

Set 475 **NEW**

Well … came across another surprise recently when I bought an old German Orion calendar from 2004. The seller on eBay indicated that Veronika was featured as one on the monthly models, however he did not provide a preview picture of the page. Seeing that it was not that expensive I decided to buy it sight unseen 😉 To my shock when the calendar arrived I was graced with a brand new pic of Veronika from a Set I did not recognize. With a little investigative effort I discovered that the image was shot by Jeff Kaine and actually was a perfect companion image for one which was buried inside the eclectic collection with is Set 248. I took picture #4 from that set and combined it with the new Orion image to create new Set 475.

Here is a preview of the 2 images which make up the new set:

These were shot by Jeff Kaine in early 2001. Most of Jeff’s picture are extremely well hidden and only appear as isolated images inside magazines and calendars … very rarely have complete layouts been found of most of his material. Any help on finding additional content would be much appreciated !!!