2 Additional Pics for Set 456

Well I got a huge surprise just after releasing the new Set 456 earlier this week. Right after the release I received an email from Veronika’s previous manager PJ telling me that “Andrew Juergen” is actually photographer “Ken Juergen”. I guess this explains why I have never been able to find any reference or links to “Andrew”. Along with the info regarding Ken, PJ forwarded me a link to Ken’s Model Mayhem page. On his page were located 2 absolute killer photos of Veronika which are clearly part of the new Set 456 I just added. When I first went to the Model Mayhem page I was shocked to see that these two pics of Veronika had only been viewed 4 times each since being uploaded who knows when … talk about hidden treasures being uncovered … OMFG !!

Find below the 2 pics.

Set 456 new for Blog

The full sized versions can be retrieved directly from the Set 456 link above.

Turns out the set was shot in Prague based on Ken titling these pics “Prague Columns” on his Model Mayhem page.

New Set 456 Added to Index

A little surprise for all the Veronika fans out there today … A NEW SET.

I have decided to release a couple of pics from my private collection at “www.VERONIKA-ZEMANOVA.info” and combine them with 1 existing pic from the Misc. set to create this new Set 456. Find below all 3 pics which now make up this set. I hope that you all agree with me that Veronika looks absolutely stunning in this set. Just wish there were more pics ;-)

Set 456 - 001

Set 456 – 001

Set 456 - 002

Set 456 – 002

Set 456 - 003

Set 456 – 003

This set was originally shot by Ken Juergen in Aug. 2002.

Bizarre New Misc. Pic

Found this absolutely bizarre single photo of Veronika posted in an issue of the German magazine Sex Woche No. 35 (1998).

I am fairly certain that it was shot around the same time as the infamous boy/girl set since I heard from a reliable source that Roberto Rocchi who shot the boy/girl set also shot many other sets of Veronika that same weekend, only a few scattered pics of which have ever been found in print. I also heard from the same source that most, if not all, of the original material from that photo shoot has been discarded … so unless more is found buried in a magazine already printed, we are very unlikely to find anymore pics of this blond wig set or any others from that early photo shoot of Veronika (time to cry now!!!)

030 - Sex Woche No 35 (Aug 1998) - Page 21 - Pic

I have added this photo to the Misc. Set of the index as photo #30.

Set 254 Cover Pic Extract

A long time fan of Veronika just passed along this fantastic extracted pic of Veronika for Set 254 from the cover of the June 2004 issue of Club magazine.

Here is the cover showing the extracted pic:

Set 254 Club Cover Extract

and the final full resolution version of the pic:


I have added the extracted photo as pic # 40 in the index for that Set.

This set was originally photographed for Danni by Nicolas Sage in Oct. 2001 in Los Angeles.

Thanks again ferhercas for this version :-)

Hot Latinas Magazines

As I had mentioned in the Hot Latinas Cover post, I recently found these 2 “Hot Latinas” magazines on ebay. I still have to laugh though how anyone would take Veronika to be Latino, however am not complaining once I saw the layouts. Virtually every pic in the 2 magazines was new. Strange that such an obscure magazine title would be home to such great old gems!!! Below I have provided some previews of the magazine content.

The text accompanying the layouts is classic … in one case Veronika is born in New York City of Puerto Rican parents and in the other she is Cuban now living Miami LMFAO :-)

Hot Latinas Vol. 1 No. 6 (Nov. 2000)

Hot Latinas Vol. 3 No. 5 (Sept. 2002)

The one thing I did notice, is that virtually every pic in both issues was published in the reverse orientation … guess they did not know about the Veronika “Orientation Guide”.

Both magazines featured sets shot during the same weekend in late 1997 by Peter Flodqvist.

Unfortunately it does appear that the magazine is no longer in circulation as the URL shown on the covers is no longer active.

Suze Re-releases Set 255 (Jan 20, 2015)

Another nice release by Suze on Jan 20, 2015 of Set 255 in higher resolution. A total of 40 pics have been released each in 2400 x 1600. No new pics to add to the set just updates in terms of resolution. Here’s the preview pic taken directly from Suze’s webpage:

Suze 2513D Set

The full set is available at SUZE.NET

My one complaint … far too overzealous use of Photoshop smoothing … her skin looks like a porcelain doll and all the freckles in the face are washed away … too bad :-(

Where have all the freckles gone!!!!

Where have all the freckles gone!!!!

Hot Latinas Sept. 2002 Cover

Found this magazine on ebay today. A new cover for the index.

Hot Latinas September 2002

The magazine is published by “Fresh Start Media” in White Plains, NY. This the first time I have heard of that publisher in the context of having published Veronika content. Am hoping for some pleasant surprises once the mag arrives!!!! Have to laugh though how a “Czech” winds up getting published in a “Latinas” magazine. Oh well … our gain ;-)

From the table of contents preview, the layout appears to be 11 pages and are pics for Set 118. These were originally shot in late 1997 by photographer Peter Flodqvist.

“Extras” Section goes Live

Hi …

as promised have completed the new Extras of the website. It captures all of the misc. content which was originally presented on Veronika’s previous websites + a few new additional goodies.

Extras Section- Main Menu

Go check it out … hope you will find some interesting info !!!!

The link has been added to the main menu at the top of this page ;-)

Happy New Year !!!!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish the fans and most of all Veronika and her family a very Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year (2015)

Although Veronika has been retired for well over 5 years now, 2014 certainly proved that she is still super popular as her images and videos continue to get published in magazines, calendars or released on websites. Just a couple of stats to reflect on 2014:

  • She was published 11 times in magazines
  • New or better photos were posted for 62 Sets … including 3 never before seen Sets
  • And most astoundingly 27 new / upgraded videos were found or released

Quite a good year I would say. Let’s see what 2015 has in store for us fans!!!!

What I can say is that a major new addition is being added to the website in early 2015 … the “Extras” section. This contains a whole host of additional goodies that have been hidden away in my Veronika archives including:

  • Previous website content (from all of Veronika’s previous sites)
  • Veronika’s Discography
  • Playing Cards
  • Art and Wallpaper
  • Puzzles and Games
  • Calendars
  • etc.

Here are a couple of previews of what to expect:

Extras Section- Main MenuExtras Section- In DreamsExtras Section- DiscographyExtras Section- Calendar

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