Newly Discovered Video

Thanks to an old friend of the forums who happened to find on his computer this never before seen video originally released by Danni as a webcast. It is an additional hour of footage of a strip between Veronika and Edita. This new portion is actually Part 1 of the two hour “Always Czech Twice” webcast. The other hour was released as DAN-037 – “In Bed with Danni (Live Strip with Edita)” on DVD. This Part 1 video however, never made it to DVD so the quality is not the greatest. I had delayed the release of this video in an attempt to try and improve it’s quality, however did not have any success. Hopefully there are other Veronika fans who have better video processing skills than I who might want to attempt to improve it :-)

Here are the previews:

DAN-073 - Always Czech Twice (Veronika and Edita) Part 1 - Preview
DAN-073 - Always Czech Twice (Veronika and Edita) Part 1 - Full

and the link to the video itself:

Video Link # 1 or this Mirror Site

New Set 448

Well a few weeks ago I stumbled upon these new pics of a very young Veronika … my best estimate puts these as being taken sometime in 1997. Unfortunately only found these 3 small pics but am grateful to have found a wonderful new set to be added to the index. Hard to believe that close to 5 years after Veronika officially retired I am still finding brand new sets yet alone new pictures!!! No complaints that’s for sure.

Here is the preview along with the 3 pics which make up this new set:

Set 448 Preview

Set 448-001Set 448-002Set 448-003

Enjoy :-)

Veronika in Sunday Sport Aug 10, 2014

WOW this time some fantastic news about these Sunday Sport newspaper posts!!!

As you have likely been reading in the blog entries, the Sunday Sport franchise out of the UK has continued to release issues featuring both Veronika on the cover and in the content. My biggest complaint has always been that continually recycled the same 10-15 pics from a photo shoot Veronika did with Jens Wikholm back in May 2008. So when the latest issue hit the newsstands today using the same cover pic as they used just a few months ago, I thought … oh well another of the same … so my total shock when I open the 2 page spread and there were 3 new never before published pics of Veronika from Set 405.

I have provided a preview of the cover and contents below … however for those of you in the UK, you still have until Tues Aug. 12 to pick up a copy!!!!

Sunday Sport (Aug 10, 2014) - Cover - PreviewSunday Sport (Aug 10, 2014) - Page 32 & 33 - PreviewB

THANKS SUNDAY SPORT !!!! Keep up the FANTASTIC work !!!

Set 073 Split in 3

This is the next set which was in reality 3 distinct photo sessions released originally as 1 set. This time it is Set 073. Again I have logically split them into 3 separate sets: the first being pics where Veronika wears a grey top and lying on a couch, the second being where she wears black top and lies on the floor and the third where she wears a black bra and poses by a plastic chair.

Here are the previews of the revised sets:

Set 073 : Grey Top

Set 073 : Grey Top

Set 454 : Black Top

Set 454 : Black Top

Set 455 : Black Bra / Chair

Set 455 : Black Bra / Chair

Set 044 Split into 3

There have always been a few sets which bothered me because the original pics were grouped together as one release on a website, when clearly, although similar they logically were the result of separate photo shoots. One of these Sets was Set 044. It had 3 distinct themes: the first being pics where Veronika wears a white shirt and black stockings sitting / lying on a couch, the second being where she simply wears and strips black undies and the third where she wears white stockings and lies in bed. Clearly the only thing in common about these 3 photo sets is the photographer and the fact that all 3 are B&W.

They have finally been split and given their own home in the index as follows:

Set 044 - White Shirt / Black Stockings on Couch

Set 044 – White Shirt / Black Stockings on Couch

Set 449 - Black Undies Strip

Set 449 – Black Undies Strip

Set 450 - White Stockings in Bed

Set 450 – White Stockings in Bed

New Set 448 Coming Soon

Looks like these last few months have been filled with surprise finds … made another astounding discovery recently of a very early never before seen Veronika set taken in either late 1996 or early 1997. Only 3 photos found to date but here is the preview:

The full set will be released in the coming weeks so stay tuned!!!!

Candid Veronika Pic on Twitter

Recently found on Twitter under #veronikazemanova this candid of Veronika taken on Oct. 13, 2012 outside La Bodega Restaurant in Ibiza.

I took the liberty to enhance the lighting on the posted pic .. it was quite dark … Veronika certainly still looks gorgeous :-)

Veronika outside La Bodega Restaurant (Ibiza) - Oct, 13, 2012

Veronika outside La Bodega Restaurant (Ibiza) – Oct, 13, 2012

This is the most recent confirmed candid found of Veronika to date. Lets hope others that happen to meet her follow suit and post as well.

Set 447 Added

I made an interesting discovery regarding Set 206 yesterday. Set 206 was comprised of 2 different settings: one where Veronika sits on a chair and the other where she is in a room standing against a wall posing. In both cases she is wearing identical clothing and shoes so the obvious assumption must be that they were shot at the same time. The funny thing is these 2 versions were always published together as well. The strange thing is, upon closer examination the 2 sets could not have been shot at the same time as you will see. I was looking at that set yesterday and noticed something different between the 2 settings … her “shave below” was different … I thought hmmm that is strange … no way she would have shaved in the middle of a photo shoot :-) … then I looked at the eyebrows … plucked trimmed differently … then the rings she is wearing … different … and lastly the eye shadow … again completely different!!! The obvious conclusion being that the pics where shot at completely different times.

Don’t know why I missed this all these years.

Anyway have gone ahead and split Set 206 into 2 pieces … the chair poses remaining as Set 206 while the wall standing poses being placed into new Set 447. You can check out the differences for yourself here (click on pic to enlarge):

Set 206 Comparison

Turns out the the chair pics were shot at the same time as Set 073 … obvious now when you look at the furniture surroundings!!!

Still figuring out how this affects the Timeline … clearly some adjustments are needed to separate Sets 447 and 206 from the current sequence.