Veronika in Sunday Sport Jan. 17, 2016

Well well … Veronika’s first appearance in Sunday Sport newspaper for the year … a nice pic from Set 033. Here’s the preview:

Sunday Sport (Jan 17, 2016) - Cover

For those living in the UK … you still have a few days to pick up a copy on the newsstands!!!

If you purchase the issue it does come with a special code you can enter on the Sunday Sport website to see an extra Veronika video:

Sport Plus Preview

Again got a chuckle from the accompanying text … no doubt approved by Veronika 😉

I see that they claim that she is still 30 years old … even though as we all know she is 40 and in reality that photo was taken by J. Stephen Hicks when Veronika was 23 … oh well … at least they continue to publish pics of Veronika … no complaints.

First Magazine Appearance of 2016

Well that did not take long … our first magazine appearance of 2016 for Veronika … a German magazine I have never heard of before. The title translates to “Normal Neighbours”. An old pic from Set 54 (photographed in 1999 BTW … I true mark of how timeless Veronika’s beauty is to still make the cover of a 2016 magazine!!!) … have no idea what the contents are (if any), as the magazine was bought by someone else on ebay before I could bid for it.

It appears to be a current issue likely still available on newsstands in Germany … perhaps one of our German friends can pick up a copy and post for us.

Veronika's First Magazine Appearance of 2016

Veronika’s First Magazine Appearance of 2016

Hungarian Honeys Update

Some fantastic updates were recently posted by Hungarian Honeys on their website … many new pics for Sets 073, 206, 207, 209, 451, 454, 455 were released. Here’s a sample of one of the new pics:

Sample of Hungarian Honeys Release

Sample of Hungarian Honeys Release

Here’s a link to the Veronika content on “Hungarian Honeys” website.

These pics were all shot by Roberto Rocchi and Franco Marocco back in 1996 and 1997. The sets from 1996 were some of very first “professional” shoots Veronika had done. Rocchi wrote in one his books that Veronika was one of the the most beautiful models he had ever photographed. I think we will all agree with that. You could argue that it was these Rocchi sets which started Veronika’s career .. since it was likely these pics which were seen by Mayfair to convince them to pursue Veronika a year later and the rest is history.

New Candid Photo

Well well, 2016 is certainly starting off with a bang here at “” … thanks to wolta, a new candid photo of Veronika has been uncovered on a Czech website:

Candid of Veronika in Ibiza

Candid of Veronika on Ibiza

Not exactly sure when this was taken, but the caption for photo says it was taken on Ibiza … however my guess at this point is that it is at least 6-7 years old.

Thanks again wolta for this wonderful find :-)

PS … love those 70/80’s style “football shorts” Veronika is wearing 😉

For reference, here’s the original news article with the photo.

New Set 285 Pic

A super rare new picture from Set 285 was posted today by photographer Charles Lightfoot on his Twitter Feed. This was coincidentally Charles’ first ever tweet, so am extremely happy that he decided to select Veronika to “christen his tweeting”. Here’s the reposted picture:


Veronika just appears to ooze sensuality from this photo. I have to say a fantastic addition to Set 285.

So Charles if you ever read this …


… you started off our 2016 with a bang !!!!!

Happy New Year

Here’s wishing Veronika, her family and all her fans a wonderful and prosperous 2016 !!!!

I took an old New Year’s greeting which Veronika had posted on her website in 2008 and updated it … hope you enjoy the throwback:

Happy New Year 2016

I always use this New Year post to reflect on the past year in terms of which updates have occurred to the index. Here are some of the statistics:

  • Number of new sets added to the index: 8
  • Number of magazines in which Veronika was published: 11
  • Number of set which were updated: 126
  • Number of updated or new images added to the index: 512
  • Number of new videos found: 1

All and all not a bad year in terms of new material which continues to be published or uncovered of our Veronika, considering that it has been 6 years since Veronika “officially” retired. Here’s hoping that 2016 will yield as many new “goodies” for us fans.


New Set 461

Here is a special Christmas gift to all the fans of our favorite goddess from the private collection of … a new Set featuring Veronika on the beach. One of these pics was in the Misc Set … now we finally get a new set with the addition of 2 new pics.

These pics have been added as new Set 461.

Set 461 Pic 1

Set 461 Pic 1

Set 461 Pic 2

Set 461 Pic 2

Set 461 Pic 3

Set 461 Pic 3

Veronika in Sunday Sport Dec. 20, 2015 Issue

Well it has been a while that Veronika had made an appearance in an issue of the British tabloids … was starting to get worried!!!! She finally appeared again in today’s issue of Sunday Sport. Nothing new unfortunately this time but a nice pic from Set 218. Here’s the preview:

2015-12 - Sunday Sport (Dec 20, 2015)

Here’s hoping this the start of a long run of new appearances for Veronika.

I had to laugh again at the text accompanying the picture … I doubt that Veronika had anything to do with this haha …

MEGABOOBED Veronika Zemanova will WHIP you into a frenzy – as she loves kinky S& M sex!

The 30- year- old brunette said she’s a closet dominatrix and even boasts a wardrobe full of x- rated gear.

Veronika, who has amazing 30G boobs is originally from the Czech Republic but now lives in Chelsea, west London.

She said: “I’m definitely dominant – I love to take control in the bedroom.

“I have whips and handcuffs, which are always fun. And I love pretending to be a dominatrix as I tie men up and watch them squirm!”

Still 30 years old (that part I think Veronika would like!!!) and living in Chelsea!!!! Anyway always a good laugh.