“Veronika Zemanova” Street Art Graffiti Painting Sexy Pin-Up Girl

Looks like another painting is being auctioned from Mr Bluprint…If you had the extra $625 to purchase this or the painting t-man posted days ago then it would be great to hang on the wall. You can easily find the painting by searching Veronika’s name. Wished she would pose for paintings. The artist has great talent that’s easy to see. You can see the other information t-man posted here

$_57 $_57 (2) $_57 (1)

Veronika Street Art Graffiti Painting

Found this being auctioned on ebay from artist mr. bluprint.

mr. bluprint (a.k.a mr. blu) is a Los Angeles based street & pop artist originally from London. His work has been featured at the Institute of Contemporary Art and on walls & galleries across the USA & Europe.

That painting would look fabulous hanging over any Veronika fan’s mantle!!!


Onno Klein Book

Came across this interesting book I thought I would share. The book is called:

“come in! The Best of Onno Klein”.

Onno Klein worked with Veronika only once back in 2001 for an assignment for Penthouse in the Netherlands which was featured in the Feb. 2002 Dutch Penthouse issue (). I recently got a hold of Onno and asked him about this photoshoot. He said that he had worked a couple of days with Veronika in Amsterdam for this shoot. Turns out that Penthouse only published 18 pics from those 2 days of shooting. I asked him whether anymore were published that he knew of … he told me “of course” … in my Best of Onno Klein book. I said WOW, I will need to find myself a copy … was pretty easy to find on Amazon etc .. so picked up a copy. The book contained an additional 14 pics from Sets 221 and 227. The cover and preview is below:

Come In! The Best of Onno Klein - Cover F

Come In! The Best of Onno Klein - Content F

Onno did say that he shot many other outfits in those 2 days. A brief preview was published in the Penthouse Feb 2002 issue, but wish more were published, but have never found any yet other that one cover on a “Tequila” magazine and on the cover of Veronika’s one and only CD.

023-Set Misc - 023021-Set Misc - 021024-Set Misc - 024022-Set Misc - 022Tequila Nr 2 (Mar-Apr 2005) - CoverSet 301 - 002

Set 207 Split into 4 Pieces

Set 207 was another one of those Sets which for some reason had unique photo sessions grouped together as one. This time 4 sets. Again as before, I have logically split them into the separate sets.

Here are the previews of the revised Set 207 + the 3 new sets … 451 to 453.

Set 207 : White Silk Top

Set 207 : White Silk Top

Set 451 : Black Silk Top

Set 451 : Black Silk Top

Set 452 : Black Bra and Stockings

Set 452 : Black Bra and Stockings

Set 453 : White Top, Tan Couch, Hair in Bun

Set 453 : White Top, Tan Couch, Hair in Bun


New Set 207 Pic

Found this wonderful pic for Set 207 in an old issue of Praline magazine from Germany. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Preview and actual pic attached. Will become pic #26 in the index for Set 207.

026-Set 207 - 026 F
026-Set 207 - 026

Photographed by Roberto Rocchi in Spring of 1997.

Love the extra “airbrushed garden” down under ;-)

Newly Discovered Video

Thanks to an old friend of the forums who happened to find on his computer this never before seen video originally released by Danni as a webcast. It is an additional hour of footage of a strip between Veronika and Edita. This new portion is actually Part 1 of the two hour “Always Czech Twice” webcast. The other hour was released as DAN-037 – “In Bed with Danni (Live Strip with Edita)” on DVD. This Part 1 video however, never made it to DVD so the quality is not the greatest. I had delayed the release of this video in an attempt to try and improve it’s quality, however did not have any success. Hopefully there are other Veronika fans who have better video processing skills than I who might want to attempt to improve it :-)

Here are the previews:

DAN-073 - Always Czech Twice (Veronika and Edita) Part 1 - Preview
DAN-073 - Always Czech Twice (Veronika and Edita) Part 1 - Full

and the link to the video itself:

Video Link # 1 or this Mirror Site

New Set 448

Well a few weeks ago I stumbled upon these new pics of a very young Veronika … my best estimate puts these as being taken sometime in 1997. Unfortunately only found these 3 small pics but am grateful to have found a wonderful new set to be added to the index. Hard to believe that close to 5 years after Veronika officially retired I am still finding brand new sets yet alone new pictures!!! No complaints that’s for sure.

Here is the preview along with the 3 pics which make up this new set:

Set 448 Preview

Set 448-001Set 448-002Set 448-003

Enjoy :-)