Set 109 New Pic

Yet another new pic found in a rare magazine … this time one for Set 109:

Fusion - Page 52-A-F

found in the Belgium magazine “Fusion”.

This photo was taken by photographer Pierre Gouzou back in 2001. It is part of an eclectic mix of photos of Veronika … almost as if Pierre had hired Veronika for the day and wanted to shoot her in as many different outfits and scenarios as possible. This set as a result could easily have been split into multiple pieces to account for each theme, but for now have kept them together until more pics are found.

Set 031 New Pic

Well the finds in old magazines never cease to amaze me. I recently picked up an issue of the German weekly Sex Woche magazine from 1999. To my wonderful surprise it contained a 2 page spread of new photos for Set 031.

For now I have added one the pics to the index and have provided a small preview of the other 5 new pics which were also in that magazine 😉

Sex Woche (1999) No 8 Page 8 - A (Blog)

Sex Woche (1999) No 8 - Page 8 & 9 (Blog)

This set was actually shot by photographer Jack Harrison back in 1997 …. only the more surprising to find new images from it after all these years!!!

If anyone reading this has old stashes of the German weekly magazines like Sex Woche, Das Neue Wochenend, Blitz Illu …. please please please have a look through them and see if you come across any hidden gems. I know in several cases these magazines only published an individual picture in an issue buried in some article as opposed to a full spread like in this issue. If you do happen to come across any please drop me a email.

New Art Section Goes Live (7-11-2016)

Well after about a 2 month effort between PyroGray and myself, we are pleased to unveil today the NEW IMPROVED ART SECTION of the website.

New Art Section Intro

The section now features all of the artworks found to date of Veronika sorted by Artist.

Please have a look and let us know if you find anything out of place. We have a section at the bottom of the page for artists whose names are unknown. If anyone recognizes any of their names then please let me know.

I hope that you will like the new home that PyroGray and myself have created for “The Art of Veronika” 😀

PS … on the top of all the Art pages you will also notice the NEW drop down menu structure which will soon be released to ALL pages on the website. From this new menu you can reach any page on the website with just a couple clicks.

Another UNKNOWN Photographer

Well it appears that I had so much success in tracking down the photographer for a previous set for which I did not know who the photographer was, I figured that I would add another request to replace the now SOLVED one … this time it is 4 sets posted on “Sandee Westgate’s” website (Sets 258, 260, 261 and 270). From my best estimation it appears that these 4 sets were shot in Los Angeles in early 2003 at the same time as the 6 Misha sets. Perhaps it could also have been Misha who shot the 4 sets for Sandee Westgate but the venue was different so would likely have been another photographer and these have never appeared on the Misha website.

Blog Entry July 7-2016

Any help in tracking down the photographer of these 4 sets would be much appreciated!!!!

Improved Art Section Coming Soon

Just a heads up regarding a major update which is taking place here at Coming this July a new and improved Art section will be released on the website. Thanks to the tireless work of PyroGray for sorting through the nearly 700+ works of art and painstaking effort to cataloging these by artist. As you see from the preview below, the Art section features a brand new look making use of one of the last remaining backdrop images from Veronika’s original website. Each artist’s work will now be prominently featured on their own dedicated webpage.

July Monthly Update - Art

Look for the new Art site to go on-line in a few weeks.

Bestlegshow Updated Set 238 Releases

Well well … what a coincidence … I just release a new pic from a Leg Show magazine for this set in my last blog post when low and behold Jana Krenova releases a whole bunch of new higher resolution pics for Set 238 on her “Bestlegshow” site today. All I can say is THANK YOU Jana … it really is fantastic to see these higher reoslution pics released from one of my favourite sets of Veronika. Here’s a preview of the new releases as posted on her website:

Set 238 - Blog June 2016

Please go check out “Jana’s bestlegshow” to buy a copy of all the new pics!!!

This set was originally shot by Jana back in early 2001 … here’s hoping she opens her vault and releases many more “new” Veronika pics in the not too distant future. She appears to be only publisher still active who is willing to release newer material of Veronika for which we fans are all extremely grateful 🙂

Set 238 New Pic

To my surprise, I recently came across this new pic from Set 238 in an issue of the German version of Leg Show magazine from 2002. The same layout for Set 238 minus this double page pic also appeared in the Spanish version of Leg Show entitled “Tacones Altos”. I previously had had the Spanish version of the magazine and figured when I bought the German one that the content would be identical .. how happy I was when I saw this new pic staring at me 🙂

034-Leg Show No 58 (2002) - Page 60 & 61B

This was the only Set that I am aware of which Jana Krenova shot with Veronika after her breast augmentation in 2001. Seeing that Jana had worked with Veronika so many times before this it seems quite odd that she suddenly stopped working with her … unless she had a thing against implants … but seeing that Jana did focus more on “leg” shots anyway I can honestly say that Veronika’s legs were absolutely stellar post 2001 because her exercise regime she had been through just prior to the surgery produced shapely legs to die for.

Set 308 Source Unknown (**SOLVED**)

(** Update July 4,2016 … mystery solved …. See “Replies” …. thanks frodo for the initial clues **)

I figured while I was at it with my last blog post I may as well continue on with the topic of “unknown” photographers. This time I am discussing Set 308. This set of only 4 very small pictures appears to be a set of “behind the scenes” pics from an unknown set or video shot by an unknown photographer. You clearly see Veronika in the makeup chair and then what appears to be a couple of photos in a washroom yet the clothes she has on you never see her wear in any other video or photo shoot which was ever published.

At this point, the only thing I have been able to deduce about this set is that it was shot sometime in 2003 based on her appearance. If anyone has ANY INFORMATION about this photo shoot please let me know. It has always been a mystery to me.

The set does really show off Veronika’s absolutely awesome legs …. another reason to try and find the source and see if anymore pics exist for it … see for yourself:

Set 308 - June Blog

Set 236 Photographer Unknown

Set 236 was one of Veronika Zemanova’s earliest sets that she posed for back in 1996. This set contained another in a series of these breathtakingly sexy poses of Veronika:

Set 236 July 2016 Blog Entry

… you could see “super stardom” etched in every curve of her body already 🙂

For this and many other similar early sets, the photographer who took these has never been discovered nor revealed to “”. If anyone happens to know who the photographer was for this set in particular then please post a reply here. Would love to get in contact with him/her.