Happy 40th Birthday Veronika

Well, if you are a fan of Veronika’s you will likely realize the significance of April 14. This happens to be Veronika’s birthdate. What is even more special this year, is that it marks a significant milestone in Veronika’s life, since being born in 1975, means that she turns …..


That is not as hard to believe as the fact that it has been almost 20 years since she first catapulted into stardom and made all our lives happier by sharing her eternal beauty with us :-)

We her fans wish her all the best on this special day and hope that she get lots of hugs and kisses from her family on this joyous occasion.

Happy Birthday
Všechno Nejlepší K Tvým Narozeninám
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag


Veronika 40th Birthday Card

Please feel free to post any wishes to Veronika here (just in case she comes to pay a visit!!!)


Lost Newspaper Issues

Here is a perfect example of a lost set in one of the newspaper dailies published in the UK in the early 2000 time frame. I have only ever come across a couple of clippings from these issues. Here’s an example of the page which likely produced the pics we have for Set 378.

I recently found this very low resolution picture of the newspaper page for example. I know there have to be more in those early UK newspapers like Daily and Sunday Sport. See the text below the chair … it talks about Veronika appearing there all week and the title of the article is even listed as “Day 5″.

Daily Sport Lost Issue

If anyone thinks they might still be in possession of some of these old newspapers in an attic or buried in a cardboard box in the basement, please do the Veronika fans a favour and have a quick leaf through them, you never know what goodies you might uncover!!!

New Pic for Set 134

I recently discovered this new pic for Set 134 in a collection of old newspaper clippings of Veronika I had found for sale on ebay. When I received the clippings I noticed that the seller had written the source / date of the clipping onto the back of each of the photos. In this case it came from the May 21, 2001 issue of Sunday Sport. I know that Veronika was and still is being published quite heavily in the Sunday / Midweek Sport newspapers however thought it had only started in earnest around of the 2009 timeframe. This is good news, however, now wonder how we will ever uncover any earlier appearances !!!! If anyone has any older issues they would be willing to share please drop us an email!!!

Did a bit of Photoshop magic to extract the pic from the ad in which it was originally printed and superimposed it over top a background from the set.

Sunday Sport May 27, 2001 - Final for Set

Was originally shot by Jeff Kaine back in 2001.

Veronika in Midweek Sport (Mar. 18, 2015)

Veronika appears in the March 18, 2015 issue of Midweek Sport. This is the second week in a row …. awesome!!! You would think by know they would have figured out that every time Veronika appears in their paper I buy a copy … they could have been rich if she would appear every issue!! :-)

This time a nice 2 page spread with 2 pics each from Set 405 and Set 406. Both sets were shot in London back in May of 2008 by Jens Wikholm.

Here’s the preview …

2015-03 - Midweek Sport (March 18, 2015)

The Passing of Tom Millea

It is with sad news that I discovered just this weekend that photographer Tom Millea had passed away on Feb 16, 2015. Tom worked with Veronika back in May of 2002 and was responsible for the very tasteful and artistic Set 215.

Tom’s mark on the world came as a result of his work with platinum instead of silver to produce very unique B&W photographs. His work stills hangs in several museums around the world. He printed a handful of platinum photos with Veronika after his photoshoot with her. When I went and visited Tom at his house in California a few years ago he had told me that he decided to work with Veronika because he felt that:

“she would make an interesting subject to photograph”

he certainly had a very artistic eye for capturing the true beauty of his subjects through the use of B&W, unique lighting and poses. I did have a chance to view the entire set of approx. 1500 photos of Veronika he shot that day and all I can say was that they were breathtaking. He only ever released a handful of photographs from that photosession with Veronika.

During my meeting with him I did purchase one of those wonderful platinum prints and several of the unreleased photos from that set for my private collection. In honour of Tom’s passing I felt it was warranted to post a couple of the better photos from that photosession which I had purchased. I hope that you will all agree that Tom’s work was among the best if certainly not the most artistic work of Veronika.

Set 215 - Tom - RIP # 1Set 215 - Tom - RIP # 2

Tom’s obituary can be found here if you care to discover more about his life

RIP Tom !!!!