Veronika in Apr. 12, 2017 Issue of Midweek Sport

After a little break, Midweek Sport has finally decided to feature a nice 2 page layout of Veronika again. Nothing new as usually the case however nice to see that they are still featuring Veronika on a semi-regular basis. Here’s the preview:

For those of you living in the UK … you should be able to pickup a copy on the newsstands if you hurry 🙂

The story again to accompany the layout is ridiculous … supposedly Veronika is looking for a “sex slave” to “use” in her Chelsea flat haha. Good to see journalistic integrity is alive and well allover the World especially in the UK 😉

Set 096 New Pic

Hello my friends …

have had this one around for several years … was found on one of those late ’90’s Photo CDs you see show up every once in a while on eBay. A colleague had bought a whole bunch of these and saw Veronika appeared on several of the disks and sent me all the pics … here was one of these … a NEW pic for Set 096

So if you have any old photo CDs from the late 90’s or early 2000’s kicking around, have a look … you might be surprised the goodies hidden inside!!!

Set 179 New Pic

Well … seeing that SUZE decided NOT to release any new pics for the recently released remastered edition of Set 179 (WHY?????) … I find it appropriate to dig into my personal collection and do the right thing and at least add one gorgeous new pic to the collection of this set … a wonderful photo showcasing Veronika’s absolutely breathtaking stunning legs 🙂

Suze Set 175 Remastered just released a remastered version of Set 175 on their website today.

This release includes ALL 70 pics currently part of the set with an updated resolution of 2400 pixels.

Here’s the preview of the release from SUZE.NET

It was quite a while between set releases on SUZE.NET … am glad they finally decided to release this set in particular … one of my favourite SUZE sets … I just had hoped that they could have found a few new slides to add to the release 🙁