Suze Set 214 Remastered just released a remastered version of Set 214 on their on May 14, 2019.

This release includes 31 pics currently part of the set with an updated resolution of 2400 pixels.

Here’s the preview of the release from SUZE.NET …

It was quite a while between set releases on SUZE.NET … am glad they finally decided to release this set in particular … one of my favourite SUZE sets … I just had hoped that they could have found a few new slides to add to the release 🙁

Happy 44th Birthday Veronika

Hello Veronika …

Here’s wishing you all the best on this your 44th Birthday.

We the staff and all your ever endearing fans hope that you are smothered by love and kisses from those around you on this your special day !!!

Veronika New Pics

I wanted to answer the most common question asked to me either via email / blog / forum …

How do you guys keep finding all this new material of Veronika?

The answer is actually quite simple:


And if you think about it it makes total sense …

Veronika was in her modeling prime at the time that true broadband internet was still in it’s infancy. The bandwidths were horrible and it was hard to find any website posting images online with resolutions of greater than 500 pixels. At the same time, printed magazines were still very popular and available at every street corner. Publishers were still relying on the sale of magazines as their prime source of income and were using the web merely as an advertising tool to try and get you to buy their magazine. Their strategy as well appeared to be that they would post certain “teaser” pics on their websites and then go publish a completely different set on pics in the magazines themselves. And thus the source for new pics.

Over the years the index contained primarily pics found posted on websites because those were “USUALLY FREE”, easy to find, catalog and post. Finding images in magazines is a whole other issue however. It does require and outlay of cash and knowing exactly which issue Veronika was published in can be a struggle. However in the end the challenges are all worth the reward!!! There are several of us on the forum who are constantly on the hunt for new magazine material and we have been quite successful over the years to find new content (as can be seen from the magazine count in the collection). I suspect that between us we still have several hundreds of new pics which have yet to make an appearance in the index.

However, we do have a plea for finding a Scandinavian based Veronika fan who would be willing to help us track down some issues from Finland, Sweden and Norway … we know that those are as of yet untapped and have been extremely difficult to come by on any of the standard selling platforms like eBay and eBid etc. So if you are willing to help, please drop us and email.

The “Digital” Veronika

Well 2019 has really gotten off on the right foot if you are a Veronika fan.

As you might recall, towards the end of 2018, an artist named GREENT published an animated GIF of Veronika which was extremely lifelike. All us Veronika fans got extremely excited as to the prospects of what this could lead to. I approached GREENT at the beginning of last December and asked if he would be interested in partnering up and creating the most realistic digital model of Veronika that could be created. I would provide ultra high resolution photographs for him to use as the basis of creating the model and he would magically translate that into something that we all would immediately recognize as “Veronika” within the rendering software. The task proved to be more time consuming than first anticipated as Veronika pushed the limits of the dials to be able to accurately render the features of her face. After painstaking weeks of tweaking and countless coffees and beers, here’s the first official glimpse of the “Digital Veronika” …. freckles and all !!!!!

Thanks GREENT for your extraordinary efforts, the results are truly remarkable … I hope you all agree !!!

Christmas Greetings 2018

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish the fans of Veronika a very:

Merry Christmas, Veselé Vánoce, Frohe Weihnachten, Vrolijk Kerstfeest, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, Nollaig Chridheil, Wesołych Świąt, メリークリスマス, Buon Natale, Nollaig Shona Dhuit

Of course in the event that Veronika herself does decide to come and visit here for a look this Holiday, I have prepared a little greeting card for her and her family from all her enduring fans and of course the devoted staff here at the blog / website / forum, for which I see “Santa Veronika” has packed a few special gifts in her bag 🙂


NEW Set 476 !!!!

Well that did not take long for the request to be answered!!! Thanks to the help of forum fan PK and and unknown Tumblr account holder who happened to have a copy of the magazine the contents were revealed … ans sure enough we have a BRAND NEW SET to be unveiled after 20+ years (quite remarkable to be honest that it had never been spotted by anyone before). The magazine contained an 8 page layout featuring 9 wonderful new pics for the Veronika index. Here’s a preview of all 9 pics which make up the new Set 476

From our best estimates the set appears to have been shot in early 2001 and the style seems to suggest that it is the work of Jana Krenova as the setting is also very similar to Set 238.

This is not the first time that an exclusive set appeared only in a Finnish Lollo magazine … the other occurrence was in Jan of 2003 (just 2 months before the magazine which contained the new Set 476 pics BTW!!!):

So I wonder if any other new sets are still hidden away in more Lollo magazines from that vintage!!! I hope that some one has them and can check 😉

Unknown Veronika Set

Well a few days we received a huge surprise when a member of the forum posted this never before seen issue of Lollo magazine from 2004. He asked if I knew what set the image of Veronika belonged to which appeared on the cover … to my surprise … BRAND NEW 🙂

The hunt now begins for a copy of the magazine to see what is inside … if anyone happens to have a copy and would be willing to take a few snaps of the content, please forward to me … I would be forever grateful!!! Or if anyone knows of an auction / sales website where we can buy a copy of the issue please let me know.

If never ceases to amaze me how even after 20+ years we continue to find new content. I wish that we had an active Scandinavian member of the blog/forum who has been a fan of Veronika’s for many years and loved to collect magazines … I would love to know how many hidden gems are still waiting to be uncovered in those Scandinavian magazines like JALLU, KALU, Lollo, Napakymppi etc.

Unknown Aussie Photographer

As part of Veronika’s promotional tour of Australia for Penthouse, she managed to partake in a few extra photoshoots while she was there. There were 3 sets she shot for which we have yet to discover the true identity of the photographer who shot them.

Case in point: Set 142.

When published in “Mayfair” the photographer was listed as being Linda Lock whereas the same set published in Aussie magazine “People with Pix”, the photographic credits go to someone called Ryan. A search for Linda Lock yields nothing … and just the name Ryan doesn’t help much either. Both are merely pseudonyms for the real photographer we can likely assume.

I am hoping that there is someone out there who might know the true identity of this presumably Aussie photographer who got to work with Veronika back in 1998 🙂

The pics for Set 142 where only published in a few magazines in the end. One as I mentioned above was the Aussie publication “People with Pix” which did include some delicious pics of Veronika in the bathtub … here’s one that has never been seen before other than if you have a printed copy yourself. A brand new pic for the index … stunning!!!