Magazine Total Reaches 900 !!!!

Today marks a significant milestone for the magazine collection here at … the list of magazines in which Veronika was published passed the 900 issues mark. In fact the current count sits at 922 with those added this month. Hard to believe that just a few years ago I was thinking that when I had reached 200 I had found them all .. how wrong I was 😉 At this point I have no doubt that the 1000th magazine will be uncovered in the not too distant future … just need to keep searching.

It has to be said that Veronika Zemanova was one of the most prolifically published models of all time … still “headlined” in magazines to this day even though she has been retired approaching 7 years now … a statement for sure to her timeless beauty.

Below you will find Veronika’s first and most recent magazine appearances spanning a total of 19 years. Her first confirmed appearance was in an issue of German magazine “Das Neue Wochenend” from back in Sept. 1997 … I would love to be proven wrong and have someone come forward with an even earlier magazine appearance. Most recently she was featured in an issue of German magazine “Dynamit” which has been a long time fan of featuring her between their covers.

Veronika Zemanova's Earliest Magazine Appearance found to date in an issue of the German magazine "Das Neue Wochenend" from Sept. 1997

Veronika Zemanova’s Earliest Magazine Appearance found to date in an issue of the German magazine “Das Neue Wochenend” from Sept. 1997

Veronika's most recent magazine appearance in an issue of German Dynamit magazine from Mar. 2016

Veronika’s most recent magazine appearance in an issue of German Dynamit magazine from Mar. 2016

Here’s hoping for many more in the years to come !!!!

New Set 469

I recently purchased all the original pictures which David Muscroft had left over of Veronika and discovered that 2 images which were originally included as part of Set 434 were actually from a different photo shoot. Find below a preview of the additional 8 pics which I received from David which when combined with the 2 pics from Set 434 make new Set 469 comprised of 10 pics …

Set 469 - 001

Enjoy ….

PS … all images in this set are © 2012 Copyright David Muscroft Productions

New Set 468

In honour of Veronika’s birthday tomorrow, I have decided to release a new set today …. Set 468 … comprised of 11 pics from a Dutch issue of Penthouse from Feb. 2002 and Onno Klein’s “Come In! (The Best of Onno Klein)” book.

Here’s a preview :

005-Penthouse No 2 Feb 2002 (NL) - Page 109

This set was shot by Onno Klein back in 2001.

Super-Möpse (Mar-Apr-2016)

Well … it looks like my German friends really love Veronika … here’s the 3rd magazine this year already in which Veronika is featured … this time Super-Möpse (Mar-Apr-2016) and on the cover to boot.

I am truly hoping that one of the German fans buys an issue on the newsstands before they are all gone and sends some scans of the contents my way 😉

Here a preview of the cover:

Super-Möpse (Mar-Apr-2016)

New Set 006 Pic

Hi … is getting close to Easter and spring is on the way so have decided to add a new pic to one of my favourite sets from my private collection …

Set 006 - 054

This pic was shot in Italy by photographer Roberto Rocchi back in 1999. This would be the last time Veronika would pose for Roberto, having worked with him twice before earlier in her career. Rocchi said of Veronika:

“She was one of the the most beautiful models that he had ever had the chance to photograph”

I for one am not going to disagree with that comment 😉

Unknown Veronika Photo taken by Jeff Kaine

I recently came across this individual pic in the issue of The Best of Men Only No. 4 … an unknown pic of Veronika from what clearly appears to be from the Jeff Kaine photo shoot in early 2001.

Men Only  (The Best of No 4) - Final for Forum

The image itself was surrounded by text in the magazine as it was part of the editorial page and not a real layout … I managed to extract the pic and add to the background from one of the pics from Set 248.

I wish I knew how to get in contact with whoever owns Jeff Kaine’s portfolio now, seeing that he passed away several years ago. I would love to see what other goodies Jeff took of Veronika … since so many individual and eclectic pics have surfaced over the years from Jeff that there must be literally thousands of pics waiting to be discovered. It would be tragic to see these lost forever.

Any help to get in contact with Jeff’s estate would be much appreciated 🙂

Another Veronika at Home Flashback

Thought I would post another of my favourite Veronika at Home set of pics. This time taken on the grounds surrounding her property on Ibiza. She poses with her dog Lara in the garden. This set contains a couple of my favourite “face” pictures of Veronika.


These were taken back in late 2003 just before Veronika got married.

Veronika at Home Flashback

To my Ibiza friend who just emailed me one photo from this set (ps … there was only one pic attached … not the several you had mentioned 😉 ) … a flashback from Set 305 from late in 2003 just prior to when Veronika got married …. some photos taken by Francis himself in their bedroom at their house on Ibiza. You can see a reflection of Francis in the mirror on one of the attached pics.


Veronika looks absolutely stunningly beautiful in these photos … oh to be in Francis’ shoes 😉