Bestlegshow Updated Set 238 Releases

Well well … what a coincidence … I just release a new pic from a Leg Show magazine for this set in my last blog post when low and behold Jana Krenova releases a whole bunch of new higher resolution pics for Set 238 on her “Bestlegshow” site today. All I can say is THANK YOU Jana … it really is fantastic to see these higher reoslution pics released from one of my favourite sets of Veronika. Here’s a preview of the new releases as posted on her website:

Set 238 - Blog June 2016

Please go check out “Jana’s bestlegshow” to buy a copy of all the new pics!!!

This set was originally shot by Jana back in early 2001 … here’s hoping she opens her vault and releases many more “new” Veronika pics in the not too distant future. She appears to be only publisher still active who is willing to release newer material of Veronika for which we fans are all extremely grateful 🙂

Set 238 New Pic

To my surprise, I recently came across this new pic from Set 238 in an issue of the German version of Leg Show magazine from 2002. The same layout for Set 238 minus this double page pic also appeared in the Spanish version of Leg Show entitled “Tacones Altos”. I previously had had the Spanish version of the magazine and figured when I bought the German one that the content would be identical .. how happy I was when I saw this new pic staring at me 🙂

034-Leg Show No 58 (2002) - Page 60 & 61B

This was the only Set that I am aware of which Jana Krenova shot with Veronika after her breast augmentation in 2001. Seeing that Jana had worked with Veronika so many times before this it seems quite odd that she suddenly stopped working with her … unless she had a thing against implants … but seeing that Jana did focus more on “leg” shots anyway I can honestly say that Veronika’s legs were absolutely stellar post 2001 because her exercise regime she had been through just prior to the surgery produced shapely legs to die for.

Set 308 Source Unknown

I figured while I was at it with my last blog post I may as well continue on with the topic of “unknown” photographers. This time I am discussing Set 308. This set of only 4 very small pictures appears to be a set of “behind the scenes” pics from an unknown set or video shot by an unknown photographer. You clearly see Veronika in the makeup chair and then what appears to be a couple of photos in a washroom yet the clothes she has on you never see her wear in any other video or photo shoot which was ever published.

At this point, the only thing I have been able to deduce about this set is that it was shot sometime in 2003 based on her appearance. If anyone has ANY INFORMATION about this photo shoot please let me know. It has always been a mystery to me.

The set does really show off Veronika’s absolutely awesome legs …. another reason to try and find the source and see if anymore pics exist for it … see for yourself:

Set 308 - June Blog

Set 236 Photographer Unknown

Set 236 was one of Veronika Zemanova’s earliest sets that she posed for back in 1996. This set contained another in a series of these breathtakingly sexy poses of Veronika:

Set 236 July 2016 Blog Entry

… you could see “super stardom” etched in every curve of her body already 🙂

For this and many other similar early sets, the photographer who took these has never been discovered nor revealed to “”. If anyone happens to know who the photographer was for this set in particular then please post a reply here. Would love to get in contact with him/her.

Best Advert Ever!!!

Check this out … was found by one of the fans of Veronika … some Nivea Breast Cream marketed in Nigeria with Veronika pictured “prominently” on the packaging.

Nivea Breast Cream

Is for, of all things, a “Breast Cream” for which no doubt Veronika is the perfect candidate haha. The cream claims to provide such benefits like: improved breast firming, strengthening of connective tissues, lifting of the breasts and of course enhancing and nourishing the breasts.

In summary … simply use the cream and your breasts will look like Veronika’s !!!! Awesome 😉

Suze Releases Hi-res Set 164

Well it has been a while, but Suze finally released a 1600 x 2400 higher resolution version of Set 164 on May 19, 2016.

Here’s the preview:

Suze Set 164 Preview

The info accompanying the release says there are 33 images … however 4 are dups of each other … so really only 29 pics … so NO NEW pics as part of this release.

My one complaint as with the other recent Suze re-releases…they absolutely Photoshopped the hell out of Veronika … her skin does not look real anymore … so much for respecting our Goddess haha … but we shan’t complain shall we … we got higher resolution versions of an old Veronika set 😉

The full set of pics can be found on Sue’s website at

This set was originally shot in late 2001.

Set 011 New Pic

Another provocative pose by Veronika was recently discovered in the Feb. 2013 issue of German magazine Dynamit. The complete layout contained 12 photos spread over 11 pages with the picture below being a brand new pic for Set 011.

If you can still find a copy of this particular issue of Dynamit somewhere it is well worth it. Not only does Veronika appear inside in a fantastic layout but she also graces the cover of this issue. I certainly have to give Dynamit credit as they are one of the few present day publishers that continue to feature Veronika in their magazine. Unlike others, they see that timeless beauty will always sell more issues …. I know that Dynamit can be sure to increase sales by 10 copies whenever they publish Veronika … since that is how many I buy alone 😉

Set 011 - 047 - Dynamit 2-2013 - Page 63 (for blog)

This set was originally shot back in Mar. 1998 by photographers Stefano Santori and Paolo Tallarigo in Prague.

New Set 351 Pic

Was happy to find this new pic of Veronika for Set 351 published in an issue of Penthouse Letters from Dec. 2005.

Penthouse Letters Dec 2005 - Page 78 & 79F

Most of the large publishers like Penthouse and in particular Playboy tended to always print the same 8-9 pics for a particular set regardless of the country the issue was published in. Penthouse was a bit better in that regards than Playboy as they appeared to allow each country a little more liberty as to the layout and specific pics to use for their issue. This did lead to several unique Dutch Penthouse issues with images only ever released in those Dutch magazines.

The sad part however is that both Penthouse and Playboy would have spent a ton of money in arranging these photo shoots … flying the model and photographer to more exotic destinations, having dedicated make up and hair stylists available … yet in the end only ever release a handful of images … I can’t image the photographers pulled the trigger on the camera only 10 times during those photos shoots 😉 Based on what got published you would figure that was it. So what happened to all the other photos ??? Locked up in the archives of Penthouse and Playboy I guess never to ever see the light of day again. What a terrible waste for us fans.

Here’s a prime example … some “behind the scenes” footage from Veronika’s photo shoot for Playboy in New York City … what happened to all the “green top” photos … have only ever uncovered “one” !!!!!!!!

PBV-004-Playboy Behind the Scenes 2-2 - Full

I wish I knew someone at either of those publishers who had access to the vault … would love to see what goodies they hold.

New Set 10 Pic

I just recently came across this extremely sexy pic of Veronika published in an issue of the German Das Neue Wochenend from 1999. Turns out to be a new pic for Set 10 ….

Das Neue Wochenend (1999) No 2 - Page 32 & 33 - A

hard to believe that no one else discovered it until now!!! Just begs one to think what other gems are still hidden in some of those German weekly magazines from the late 90’s and early 2000’s … if folks still have some lying around please have a scan through them … you never know what surprises like this pic you might find 😉

Magazine Total Reaches 900 !!!!

Today marks a significant milestone for the magazine collection here at … the list of magazines in which Veronika was published passed the 900 issues mark. In fact the current count sits at 922 with those added this month. Hard to believe that just a few years ago I was thinking that when I had reached 200 I had found them all .. how wrong I was 😉 At this point I have no doubt that the 1000th magazine will be uncovered in the not too distant future … just need to keep searching.

It has to be said that Veronika Zemanova was one of the most prolifically published models of all time … still “headlined” in magazines to this day even though she has been retired approaching 7 years now … a statement for sure to her timeless beauty.

Below you will find Veronika’s first and most recent magazine appearances spanning a total of 19 years. Her first confirmed appearance was in an issue of German magazine “Das Neue Wochenend” from back in Sept. 1997 … I would love to be proven wrong and have someone come forward with an even earlier magazine appearance. Most recently she was featured in an issue of German magazine “Dynamit” which has been a long time fan of featuring her between their covers.

Veronika Zemanova's Earliest Magazine Appearance found to date in an issue of the German magazine "Das Neue Wochenend" from Sept. 1997

Veronika Zemanova’s Earliest Magazine Appearance found to date in an issue of the German magazine “Das Neue Wochenend” from Sept. 1997

Veronika's most recent magazine appearance in an issue of German Dynamit magazine from Mar. 2016

Veronika’s most recent magazine appearance in an issue of German Dynamit magazine from Mar. 2016

Here’s hoping for many more in the years to come !!!!