The Picture #802 Contents Revealed

The magazine finally arrived after it’s long journey from Australia to me … I had mentioned in my previous blog entry that the cover was a new pic for Set 256, so did not know what to expect as to the rest of the contents. Well all I can say is that the magazine did not disappoint. Veronika was featured on 9 pages including the centerfold and featured virtually ALL NEW PICS for Sets 232, 255, 256 … only one photo had either previously been published or released on SUZE’s site.

Here’s a preview of the contents …

The Picture #802 (Jan 21, 2004) - Cover
The Picture 802 (Jan 21, 2004) - Page 42 & 43
The Picture 802 (Jan 21, 2004) - Page 44 & 45
The Picture 802 (Jan 21, 2004) - Page 46 & 47
The Picture 802 (Jan 21, 2004) - Page 48 & 49

If you happen to see the magazine for sale anywhere … is certainly well worth picking up.

All photos were shot by Suze Randall back in 2002 on Veronika’s visit to her ranch north of Los Angeles.

Colourized B&W Photos

Several of Veronika’s sets were only ever released in B&W (for artistic reasons I can only assume). Several years ago I remember seeing a colourized version of one of these B&W pics posted on the web which I had added to the comments section of Set 368.

A few months ago I managed to track down the source to The Vintage Erotica Forum, so decided to request the “colourization” of 3 additional B&W photos of Veronika which I have attached. I have to say that my dealings with the guy doing the work was rather unpleasant … he came across as very arrogant … in the end I am happy with the results below but I doubt we will ever get anymore out of him . Am hoping someone else is an expert in colourization and wants to take a crack at some other photos!!!

Set 237 Colour Sample

Set 369 Colour Sample

Set 303 Colour Sample

Set 138 Split

I have finally decided to split the original Set 138 into 2 separate sets. I never understood why these pictures were released as 1 set on Veronika’s original website since this was always 2 distinctly different photoshoots.

The updated Set 138 features the photos of Veronika wearing a single piece latex outfit and & Adele wearing a laced latex top and latex pants, while the new newly created Set 460 features those photos where Adele wears a latex chain outfit and Veronika wears the spiderweb panties.

See the samples below:

Set 138 Content

Set 138 Content

Set 460 Content

Set 460 Content

As part of the release, all pics have been rotated to their proper orientation and all photos have been placed into what I think was the original photoshoot sequence.

These sets were shot in Prague back on Jan. 15, 2001 by the late Michael Ancher.

The Picture #802

WOW found this surprise on ebay yesterday …. a super rare Australian issue of “The Picture” magazine from Jan 2004. Have been on ebay for well over 10 years and have never seen this issue posted for sale before. Of course had to buy right away ;-) The description said that it had a 9 page layout + centrefold with 16 pictures. The cover is what appears to be a new pic for one of my favourite sets: Set 256 …. I wonder now what other goodies are inside the issue !!!

The Picture Magazine (802) Jan 21,2004

SUZE Re-releases Set 111

Another nice release by Suze on Aug. 21, 2015 of Set 111 in higher resolution. A total of 66 pics have been released each in 2400 x 1600. No new pics to add to the index but improved resolution for virtually the entire set. Here’s the preview pic:

SUZE 2449 Preview

The full set is available at SUZE.NET

My only complaint … they posted virtually all the slides in the wrong orientation …. you’d figure by now that should not happen anymore … guess they never consulted my “Orientation Guide” ;-)

Muscroft Pics

Well you will recall that I posted a blog entry a week ago about an Aktuell Rapport magazine which had what appeared might be a new Muscroft set … the magazine finally arrived today and turns out that it had 4 new pics for Set 421.

Here’s the preview of the pages:

Aktuell Rapport (2004) No 11 Preview

Turns out this issue was filled with other goodies as well … a 5 page layout of Veronika with Adele as the “maid”.

Old Aktuell Rapport Magazine

Just like the previous blog post, I came across yet another unknown issue of the Swedish version of magazine Aktuell Rapport on ebay. I really can’t believe that no one had ever come across this magazine before seeing that this issue was from 1999!

In any case, it has by far one of the best cover appearances of Veronika that I have ever seen … the contents are nothing to sneeze at either ;-) Like all of Veronika Zemanova’s other Aktuell Rapport magazine appearances uncovered to date, this one was no different and did not disappoint … with virtually every pic inside the magazine having “never been seen before”. I guess Aktuell Rapport had always negotiated for some exclusive content.

Aktuell Rapport Nr 43 (Oct 21, 1999)

I wonder what other Aktuell Rapport issues are still out there to be uncovered :-) I know of at least one more I have yet to find a copy of (Issue No. 20 from 2004):

Aktuell Rapport No 20 (2004) - Cover

If anyone has this or any other issue, then please let me know!!!

“Aktuell Rapport” was published and is copyright of Tre-mag Sweden AB

Unknown Muscroft Set?

I found a listing for an old Aktuell magazine on ebay last week which included the preview picture below …


Upon seeing that photo I was puzzled as I did not recognize the background from any set that I have ever seen. Upon further examinatiom of the hair style, lipstick and earrings, plus what appears to be a yellow flag in the background, I came to the conclusion that it might be a set we have never seen before by David Muscroft. David shot Veronika over a 2 day period in Algarve Portugal back in early 1999. I have examined all the photos published from those currently released Muscroft sets and cannot find a single yellow flag in any photos …. the black string necklace Veronika appears to be wearing could potentially suggest Set 421.

Of course I immediately purchased the issue … will let you know what I find inside when it arrives!!!!