New Veronika Material coming to Actiongirls

Fantastic details released by ScottyJX at Actiongirls this week on the new material alluded to in an earlier post … he’s opening the vaults and releasing never before seen videos and photographs of Veronika Zemanova in Oct to Dec this year … here’s a copy of the announcement and preview image he posted on his website:

There many new Actiongirls exclusive Veronika Movies, coming throughout October, November, and December 2022. That’s right, never before seen, with sequels to SJX AG Veronika Z Red Castle Movie, SJX AG VZ Horror Babe 2022 Movie, SJX AG Veronika Z Intro continues Movie, SJX AG VZ Dream House part 2 Movie and much, much, more. Also including a full upgrade, enhanced and remastered of all SJX AG VZ’s HD Movies to 4K. Make sure to renew your membership today and keep it, it’s going to be a awesome future for Scotty JX Actiongirls fans…

NEW OCTOBER 2022. COMING ONLY FOR ACTIONGIRLS.COM MEMBERS – Scotty JX’s ActionGirls Veronika Z Character returns in new Movies. SJX AG VZ HORROR BABE THE MOVIE. Reactivated, she returns. SJX AG sends a drone to her location, sending a jolt of energy, recharging her, watch as she is reactivated at a unknown SJX AG location. Actiongirls Veronika the story continues..

All we can say is THANK YOU SCOTTYJX!!!!!

25th Anniversary of Veronika’s First Magazine Cover

This month marks the 25th anniversary of Veronika’s first appearance on a magazine cover. There were 3 magazines published that Oct in 1997 …. “Juicy Tits” (from Belgium/Netherlands), “Revelation” (from France) and “People with Pix (from Australia).

Certainly a global beginning to say the least !!!!!

It did not take long for her appearances on magazine covers to explode averaging nearly 4 covers / month for the next 6 years. Certainly the publishers recognized the selling power of Veronika.

Unfortunately her appearances have dried up these last few years but she certainly had a great run which lasted a remarkable 22 years. I bet there are not many other models that can claim the same level of fame as Veronika had and still has today.

eBay Polaroid Scam

I wanted to pass this along as a public service to prevent someone from getting scammed by buying these supposedly rare and original Polariods from one of Veronika’s photo shoots on eBay.

Back in the day when photographers shot using film, they used to take a couple of shots using Polaroid film to verify that the lighting was correct since they had no way of knowing what was on the film itself until it was developed after the photo shoot. With the Polaroid versions they could observe the results immediately and make any corrections as required.

Of course the pose and angle of the shots taken with the Polaroid camera would always be unique to those shots on the film camera. I know this for fact because I have purchased several of these Polaroids directly from several photographers in the past … and in every case the image on the Polaroid was totally unique.

I therefore was astonished when I saw a seller posting on eBay a set of “Rare and Original” Polaroids from one of Veronika’s photo shoots which looked remarkably like the exact photos published for that set. This was a set which was only ever released on Veronika’s original website. All images for this set therefore had the “ cat logo” on them as a result.

Upon closer examination of these so called rare original Polaroids, I could see that they had taken these Veronika photos and merely cropped them to eliminate the logo from appearing on the Polaroid as can be seen in the examples below:

If they were really original Polaroids for that set, I would have expected to see a never before seen image for that set (that is a good way for a good first check for authenticity) … in this case they are merely a crop of existing images for that Set.

Now the worst part … the seller is trying to rip unsuspected buyers off to the tune of $55 USD each!! What a scam !!

I could not bare to see this and so posted this announcement here on the blog in hopes that any real fan of Veronika sees this and avoids getting ripped off.

Gorgeous B&W Veronika

Thought it was time to open the vault and release a couple of new photos for Set 215. This set was shot my photographer Tom Millea back in 2002 on one of Veronika’s trips to Los Angeles. Tom photographed this set entirely in B&W and featured some of the most artistic poses highlighting Veronika’s sculpted figure.

The 3 pictures released from the archives feature gorgeous views of Veronika from the back, front and lying on her side. The side pose is worthy are being sculpted and take a spot in the Louvre if you ask me!!!

Veronika featured in Mar 2022 Issue of Dynamit

Once again German magazine Dynamit comes through and features Veronika in nice 10 page 12 pic layout from Set 011. This is the first full magazine layout in which Veronika was published in 2022.

I love the text introducing this layout … it really sums up Veronika:

Translated into English:

Can you resist these eyes, these lips, these beautiful natural breasts and wondrous figure? She is our undisputed top model of all time. Veronika is temptation and sin, innocence and passion, sensuality and a love drug all wrapped in one person. This is why we always wanted to see new poses of her. In the meantime, the now 45 year old has retired. These photos are an impressive example of Italian erotic photography. Pictures of a Super-Diva.”

So true !!!! Could not have said it better myself 🙂

They even got her age almost correct 😉

New Set 528

A new set comprised of 2 pics was released today in honour of Veronika’s 47th Birthday. This is actually a very old set shot as part of one of Veronika’s early photo shoots in 1997 by photographer Roberto Rocchi.

One of these 2 pics has actually been part of the 100 images on the website’s home page “scrolling image banner” since this website started. It was from the private collection of and hidden there to see if anyone would notice it. Just this past month it was finally discovered by a fan. The second pic from this set comes from an issue of Japanese magazine “Dick”. These are the only 2 images known to exist for this set. The reflection in the mirror provides a perfect simultaneous view of Veronika from the front and from behind. Can’t ask for anything better !!!

Here’s a preview of the set’s contents:

New Set 528 Preview

You can find a link to the set: and the full sized images are available as always to the members of the forum.