Veronika in Men Only V78 N11

Found this recent issue of Men Only in November (Volume 78 Number 11) which had a new layout of Veronika from a Darren McCormack photoshoot. Want to thank Paul Raymond Publications for continuing to publish layouts of Veronika … here’s a request if you read this blog …. PLEASE PLEASE we want more … they will always be welcome.

2013-11 - Men Only Vol 78 No 11 (2013)

For those of you who are not aware, Paul Raymond Publications over the years have featured our beloved Veronika the most of any publisher … when you consider that they are the ones responsible for such magazines as Mayfair, Just Girls, Men Only, Model Directory, Soho … just to name a few. At last count, of the 650 or so magazines in the Magazine Appearances section of the website, almost 100 are from Paul Raymond Publications !!! Keep up the good work and we look forward to plenty more in the future.