New Set 529

Nothing like celebrating the start of new year with the release of the never before published photo shoot!!! I acquired this set of images when I purchased all remaining late J. Stephen Hicks 35mm slides from his wife a few years ago. I had hoped that there would have been several other unpublished sets among all the slides however the one which was included I hope you agree was very nice !!!!!

Never before released photo shoot from J.Stephen Hicks circa Nov. 2001

Interestingly enough the venue for this J.Stephen Hicks sets appears to be identical to that of Nicolas Sage’s Set 095.

Veronika Updates on Digital Desire

Hi … it’s been a while since we posted anything new …. sorry for that 😉

It looks like updated pics for Sets 044, 449 and 450 were released on Digital Desire’s website on Sept 27, 2020. All pics are now 3000 pix in resolution.

When however you go to their website, don’t expect to find the images under “Veronika’s page” on their website, they have been released under “Chandler” !!! Someone over their at DD was definitely asleep at the wheel WTF. I an understand if they simply misfiled the photo set on the wrong webpage however they even labeled the preview image for the release of the set with the label “Chandler” 🙁

Veronika as “Chandler”

Anyway … the pics are nice in any case 😉

Set 230 New Pic # 7

Hi … is a new month so figured it was time to dig deep into the archives this time for an extremely rare pic from Set 230. The reason I say rare … this is the only set of J. Stephen Hicks which was featured in Penthouse publications but for some strange reason was NEVER released on their website. Thus very few pics from this set exist … just what was featured in several Penthouse issues from around the world. The one good thing about Penthouse was that versions of Penthouse featured different photos country to country .. unlike Playboy which always published the exact same layout regardless of country. This meant that little gems were always tucked away in local issues of Penthouse magazines … like this new “old” pic which I uncovered many years ago in a Spanish Penthouse magazine.

This set was from J. Stephen Hicks’ first photoshoot with Veronika back in Mar. 1998 as part of her first modelling trip to the USA 🙂

Set 025 New Pic

Found this new pic on the back from Looker magazine from march 2003 … had to perform a bit of extraction of the image from the advertisement first …

Veronika in Sunday Sport Jan. 17, 2016

Well well … Veronika’s first appearance in Sunday Sport newspaper for the year … a nice pic from Set 033. Here’s the preview:

Sunday Sport (Jan 17, 2016) - Cover

For those living in the UK … you still have a few days to pick up a copy on the newsstands!!!

If you purchase the issue it does come with a special code you can enter on the Sunday Sport website to see an extra Veronika video:

Sport Plus Preview

Again got a chuckle from the accompanying text … no doubt approved by Veronika 😉

I see that they claim that she is still 30 years old … even though as we all know she is 40 and in reality that photo was taken by J. Stephen Hicks when Veronika was 23 … oh well … at least they continue to publish pics of Veronika … no complaints.

First Magazine Appearance of 2016

Well that did not take long … our first magazine appearance of 2016 for Veronika … a German magazine I have never heard of before. The title translates to “Normal Neighbours”. An old pic from Set 54 (photographed in 1999 BTW … I true mark of how timeless Veronika’s beauty is to still make the cover of a 2016 magazine!!!) … have no idea what the contents are (if any), as the magazine was bought by someone else on ebay before I could bid for it.

It appears to be a current issue likely still available on newsstands in Germany … perhaps one of our German friends can pick up a copy and post for us.

Veronika's First Magazine Appearance of 2016
Veronika’s First Magazine Appearance of 2016

Veronika Voted “The Sexiest Ever”

Just picked up this 300th issue of a Netherlands Penthouse. In honour of this occasion they went back and looked at all the women that had been published in their magazine over the years and bestowed Veronika with the title of “The Sexiest Ever”. I certainly will not be one to disagree with their selection. The magazine featured a 12 page layout with a nice selection of pics of Veronika from J.Stephen Hicks. I have attached a preview of the cover and a couple of pages from the layout.

Penthouse (2011-10) No 300 (NL) -  CoverFPenthouse (2011-10) No 300 (NL) -  Page 62FPenthouse (2011-10) No 300 (NL) -  Page 64F

Definitely worth seeing if you can still find a copy on ebay to add to anyone’s Veronika collection!!!

Also a good selection of pics are available directly from Penthouse of Veronika on their Penthouse Honeys Website. Go check it out!!!

Just Girls Calendar 2004

Found this wonderful super high resolution scan posted today on the Vintage Erotica forum by a fellow named “masque51”. I think you will agree after seeing this pic that he did a fantastic job.


This pic is from Set 052 and was shot by the late J. Stephen Hicks in 2001.

Set 044 Split into 3

There have always been a few sets which bothered me because the original pics were grouped together as one release on a website, when clearly, although similar they logically were the result of separate photo shoots. One of these Sets was Set 044. It had 3 distinct themes: the first being pics where Veronika wears a white shirt and black stockings sitting / lying on a couch, the second being where she simply wears and strips black undies and the third where she wears white stockings and lies in bed. Clearly the only thing in common about these 3 photo sets is the photographer and the fact that all 3 are B&W.

They have finally been split and given their own home in the index as follows:

Set 044 - White Shirt / Black Stockings on Couch
Set 044 – White Shirt / Black Stockings on Couch

Set 449 - Black Undies Strip
Set 449 – Black Undies Strip

Set 450 - White Stockings in Bed
Set 450 – White Stockings in Bed