Weekend Sport Nov. 15, 2013

Well the fun from UK Sport Magazine franchise continues …. third issue with Veronika in 2 weeks …. THANKS 🙂 I guess that makes issue number 70 then !!!!!

Here’s the preview of the 1 page of content. For those living in the UK you have until the end of the weekend to pick up a copy on the newsstands 🙂


Sunday Sport Nov. 10, 2013

Well I have to hand it to the folks running the UK Sport Magazine franchise … they know a good thing when they see it … so they continue to pump out issues featuring Veronika … the second issue in one week as well … bringing the total number of appearances up to 69 (at least since we started keeping track at least!!!) Here’s hoping for many more in the near future.

Looks like they are exclusively featuring the photo shoots from Jens Wikholm for the last few years of releases. In this case pics from Set 396 shot all the way back in May of 2007.

Here’s the preview of the 3 pages of content. For those living in the UK you have until Tues. Nov. 12th to pick up a copy on the newsstands 🙂



Weekend Sport Nov. 1, 2013

Veronika appears in the Nov. 1, 2013 issue of Weekend Sport. Here’s the preview. Wish these guys would eventually find a different pic of Veronika to use as a cover for their newspaper. This is the fourth time this exact pic has been used. Previous issues included: Sept. 29, 2009, Dec. 1, 2009, and Adult Sport No. 2009 (Feb. 2010). Not complaining, but a little variety would be appreciated 🙂


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