Veronika in Dynamit 3/2016 Issue

Well for our German friends … time to still pickup the March 2016 issue of Dynamit magazine on the newsstands in Germany … Veronika appears once again in an issue of Dynamit … this time for Set 005.

Here’s the preview:

2016-03 - DYNAMIT MÄRZ 2016

This layout appears to be identical to that printed in the April 2009 issue … I certainly hope that they have added some extra pics … will let you know once my copy of this recent issue arrives in the mail.

This photo shoot was shot by Stefano Santori in early 2001. It was one of only 2 sets he shot of Veronika after her first set of implants.

Super Sexy No. 10 (2002)

Hi … could not believe what I found inside when I recently purchased this old German weekly magazine Super Sexy from back in 2002 …. 5 BRAND NEW PICS FOR SET 079. I always find it amazing that these hidden gems keep on getting uncovered even after 14 years … another call for folks who have older mags to have a look through them .. you never know what treasures (like these) you are sitting on 😉

Here’s the complete layout along with one of the 5 extracted pics using the magic of Photoshop:

Super Sexy No 10 (Sept 2002) - Page 12 & 13 (For Blog)

Super Sexy No 10 (Sept 2002) - Page 12 & 13 - E (For Blog)

This photo shoot took place back in 2001 by Suze Randall. This was the first of several times that Veronika would work with Suze.

Sunday Sport Feb 14, 2016

Well this was rather disappointing … instead of getting a new pic for Set 405 as promised all week in the previews …. what do they publish but an old pic from Set 071:

Sunday Sport Feb 14, 2016 - Content

The tag for Veronika shows 30G … yet she still has the natural breasts for Set 071 …

Well hopefully they decide to publish the “real” new pic soon.

New Pic for Set 405 Coming??

Hi … I saw this posted in today’s issue of the British tabloid “Sunday Sport” … a preview of next week’s (Feb 14, 2016) issue … what appears to be a never been seen pic for Set 405.

Sunday Sport Preview

Heads up for my English friends … be sure to hit the newsstand next Sunday and secure an issue.