Suze Set 175 Remastered just released a remastered version of Set 175 on their website today.

This release includes ALL 70 pics currently part of the set with an updated resolution of 2400 pixels.

Here’s the preview of the release from SUZE.NET

It was quite a while between set releases on SUZE.NET … am glad they finally decided to release this set in particular … one of my favourite SUZE sets … I just had hoped that they could have found a few new slides to add to the release 🙁

Set 401 New Pic

Oh my … what a surprise I found while looking through a recent old German Das Neue Wochenend magazine from 1998 … I said to myself when I saw those “cheeks” …. I recognize those 😉

Sure enough it turned out to be a NEW pic for Set 401

Enjoy this “cheeky” little pic shot back in 1996 … making it one of Veronika’s first photo shoots. The photographer for this set is yet unknown … would love to know who it was.

New Interviews & Stories Section added to the Website

The second new section to be added to the website this year … a section of all the published “Interviews & Stories” of Veronika. The section contains all the “real” interviews I had archived (none of the fake ones in Mayfair have been included haha). The articles provide insights into Veronika’s life, her career, her thoughts and her feelings. They are no doubt a must read for any fan.

Here’s a preview:

and the link to the new section.

If you happen to have any other published stories I might have missed, please let me know.

Set 472 **NEW**

Well after posting the “Diary” section, several folks asked why 2 photos accompanying the Dec 2008 entry of Veronika’s vacation in Bali were not in the index. Well I really did not have a good reason as to why I never added them … so here they are … our second new set of 2017 …

New Diary Section Added to the Website

At long last, I have added the “Diary & Blog” section to the website. The section actually contains most of Veronika’s entries into own “Diary & Blog” section of her past websites. It provides a good opportunity for old and new fans to get a little glimpse into the professional life of Veronika and some of the interactions she had with her fans over the years.

Whilst reading all the entries in the diary you might yourself getting a little melancholic as the entries become more spread out during her semi-retirement drawing toward the inevitable conclusion when she finally called it a day on all modelling and all interactions ceased. But none the less, still makes good reading if you are a fan.

Here’s a preview of the new section:

I have included all the entries which I happened to have saved at the time her websites were active and I was a member. I cannot guarantee however that it is 100% complete. If you happen to have saved any additional “diary & blog” content not presented here then please drop me an email with the details and I will be sure to add it.


Set 353 New Pic

I found this absolutely new gorgeous image of Veronika from the bakery set stashed away on my server that I thought I would pass along to the fans to start off the year with a bang !!!

I had mentioned in a previous post that Veronika appeared in a video to accompany this set which has still never been uncovered even though the source is known to be a Hustler CD … the details of which you can read in this previous blog post:

Bakery Set Video Details

I am hoping that someone can help out here to find this video … so if you have the CD please let me know.

PS … the photographer of this set is also still unknown, so any help there would be much appreciated as well. I thought at first that it might be Jana Krenova but I spoke to her directly and she confirmed that it was not her.

Set 471 **NEW**

Well well … look what I found buried in yet another couple of magazines … a NEW SET. What a way to start 2017 🙂

This time however, I only managed to locate 2 individual pics in 2 separate magazines … the first in an issue of Men Only which contained a nice large image, and the second, in an issue of Mayfair buried on the last few pages of the magazine in an advert … not even as a layout image (what a shame). It took a Photoshop tag team effort between myself and a fellow super fan of Veronika’s from the forum to create a clean image for use as an index pic for this new set. I have attached the original advert here:

and the resulting 2 new pics which make up Set 471:

These pics were shot by Jeff Kaine back in 2001.