Set 031 New Pic

Well the finds in old magazines never cease to amaze me. I recently picked up an issue of the German weekly Sex Woche magazine from 1999. To my wonderful surprise it contained a 2 page spread of new photos for Set 031.

For now I have added one the pics to the index and have provided a small preview of the other 5 new pics which were also in that magazine 😉

Sex Woche (1999) No 8 Page 8 - A (Blog)

Sex Woche (1999) No 8 - Page 8 & 9 (Blog)

This set was actually shot by photographer Jack Harrison back in 1997 …. only the more surprising to find new images from it after all these years!!!

If anyone reading this has old stashes of the German weekly magazines like Sex Woche, Das Neue Wochenend, Blitz Illu …. please please please have a look through them and see if you come across any hidden gems. I know in several cases these magazines only published an individual picture in an issue buried in some article as opposed to a full spread like in this issue. If you do happen to come across any please drop me a email.

New Art Section Goes Live (7-11-2016)

Well after about a 2 month effort between PyroGray and myself, we are pleased to unveil today the NEW IMPROVED ART SECTION of the website.

New Art Section Intro

The section now features all of the artworks found to date of Veronika sorted by Artist.

Please have a look and let us know if you find anything out of place. We have a section at the bottom of the page for artists whose names are unknown. If anyone recognizes any of their names then please let me know.

I hope that you will like the new home that PyroGray and myself have created for “The Art of Veronika” 😀

PS … on the top of all the Art pages you will also notice the NEW drop down menu structure which will soon be released to ALL pages on the website. From this new menu you can reach any page on the website with just a couple clicks.

Another UNKNOWN Photographer

Well it appears that I had so much success in tracking down the photographer for a previous set for which I did not know who the photographer was, I figured that I would add another request to replace the now SOLVED one … this time it is 4 sets posted on “Sandee Westgate’s” website (Sets 258, 260, 261 and 270). From my best estimation it appears that these 4 sets were shot in Los Angeles in early 2003 at the same time as the 6 Misha sets. Perhaps it could also have been Misha who shot the 4 sets for Sandee Westgate but the venue was different so would likely have been another photographer and these have never appeared on the Misha website.

Blog Entry July 7-2016

Any help in tracking down the photographer of these 4 sets would be much appreciated!!!!