New Art Section Goes Live (7-11-2016)

Well after about a 2 month effort between PyroGray and myself, we are pleased to unveil today the NEW IMPROVED ART SECTION of the website.

New Art Section Intro

The section now features all of the artworks found to date of Veronika sorted by Artist.

Please have a look and let us know if you find anything out of place. We have a section at the bottom of the page for artists whose names are unknown. If anyone recognizes any of their names then please let me know.

I hope that you will like the new home that PyroGray and myself have created for “The Art of Veronika” 😀

PS … on the top of all the Art pages you will also notice the NEW drop down menu structure which will soon be released to ALL pages on the website. From this new menu you can reach any page on the website with just a couple clicks.

3 Replies to “New Art Section Goes Live (7-11-2016)”

  1. How do I join this website? I am a fan-collector.
    Please advise.
    Thanks for your efforts and over the years. It’s a great resource.
    Viva Veronica Zemanova

    1. Hello Dai …
      thanks for the kind words about my Veronika website. I am always happy to hear from a serious fan like you.

      I assume that you mean the “Forum”? This is the only portion of the website requiring a login and reserved for only the serious collectors. You can find that here:


  2. Thanks a lot, T-man, and PyroGray, for this great (new) art section!

    It’s very interesting to see how artistic fans once got inspired by Veronika (who actually, besides being a popular model, is an artist herself).
    In some cases I think it even looks like they considered Veronika their muse.

    On the other hand it of course is quite easy to create something beautiful in case that piece of art is based upon – and inspired by – Veronika. 🙂

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