Releases “Tiny Tight Skirt” (Sept. 21, 2017)

After a long delay between the last set released of Veronika, they finally released another set this past week. The pictures include 58 images for Set 162. Unfortunately, unlike their previous releases which were higher resolution then the current index versions, this release appears to be a simple repackaging of the version released by on May 2014. However, still worth getting if you are a collector 🙂

Here’s the sample preview:

Set 179 New Pic

Well … seeing that SUZE decided NOT to release any new pics for the recently released remastered edition of Set 179 (WHY?????) … I find it appropriate to dig into my personal collection and do the right thing and at least add one gorgeous new pic to the collection of this set … a wonderful photo showcasing Veronika’s absolutely breathtaking stunning legs 🙂

Suze Set 179 Remastered

In less than 1 week, SUZE.NET releases another remastered set … this time Set 179.

62 images each with a resolution of 2400 pixels are included in this release …. here’s the preview:

Suze Set 175 Remastered just released a remastered version of Set 175 on their website today.

This release includes ALL 70 pics currently part of the set with an updated resolution of 2400 pixels.

Here’s the preview of the release from SUZE.NET

It was quite a while between set releases on SUZE.NET … am glad they finally decided to release this set in particular … one of my favourite SUZE sets … I just had hoped that they could have found a few new slides to add to the release 🙁

Suze Releases Hi-res Set 164

Well it has been a while, but Suze finally released a 1600 x 2400 higher resolution version of Set 164 on May 19, 2016.

Here’s the preview:

Suze Set 164 Preview

The info accompanying the release says there are 33 images … however 4 are dups of each other … so really only 29 pics … so NO NEW pics as part of this release.

My one complaint as with the other recent Suze re-releases…they absolutely Photoshopped the hell out of Veronika … her skin does not look real anymore … so much for respecting our Goddess haha … but we shan’t complain shall we … we got higher resolution versions of an old Veronika set 😉

The full set of pics can be found on Sue’s website at

This set was originally shot in late 2001.

Super Sexy No. 10 (2002)

Hi … could not believe what I found inside when I recently purchased this old German weekly magazine Super Sexy from back in 2002 …. 5 BRAND NEW PICS FOR SET 079. I always find it amazing that these hidden gems keep on getting uncovered even after 14 years … another call for folks who have older mags to have a look through them .. you never know what treasures (like these) you are sitting on 😉

Here’s the complete layout along with one of the 5 extracted pics using the magic of Photoshop:

Super Sexy No 10 (Sept 2002) - Page 12 & 13 (For Blog)

Super Sexy No 10 (Sept 2002) - Page 12 & 13 - E (For Blog)

This photo shoot took place back in 2001 by Suze Randall. This was the first of several times that Veronika would work with Suze.

The Picture #802 Contents Revealed

The magazine finally arrived after it’s long journey from Australia to me … I had mentioned in my previous blog entry that the cover was a new pic for Set 256, so did not know what to expect as to the rest of the contents. Well all I can say is that the magazine did not disappoint. Veronika was featured on 9 pages including the centerfold and featured virtually ALL NEW PICS for Sets 232, 255, 256 … only one photo had either previously been published or released on SUZE’s site.

Here’s a preview of the contents …

The Picture #802 (Jan 21, 2004) - Cover
The Picture 802 (Jan 21, 2004) - Page 42 & 43
The Picture 802 (Jan 21, 2004) - Page 44 & 45
The Picture 802 (Jan 21, 2004) - Page 46 & 47
The Picture 802 (Jan 21, 2004) - Page 48 & 49

If you happen to see the magazine for sale anywhere … is certainly well worth picking up.

All photos were shot by Suze Randall back in 2002 on Veronika’s visit to her ranch north of Los Angeles.

The Picture #802

WOW found this surprise on ebay yesterday …. a super rare Australian issue of “The Picture” magazine from Jan 2004. Have been on ebay for well over 10 years and have never seen this issue posted for sale before. Of course had to buy right away 😉 The description said that it had a 9 page layout + centrefold with 16 pictures. The cover is what appears to be a new pic for one of my favourite sets: Set 256 …. I wonder now what other goodies are inside the issue !!!

The Picture Magazine (802) Jan 21,2004

SUZE Re-releases Set 111

Another nice release by Suze on Aug. 21, 2015 of Set 111 in higher resolution. A total of 66 pics have been released each in 2400 x 1600. No new pics to add to the index but improved resolution for virtually the entire set. Here’s the preview pic:

SUZE 2449 Preview

The full set is available at SUZE.NET

My only complaint … they posted virtually all the slides in the wrong orientation …. you’d figure by now that should not happen anymore … guess they never consulted my “Orientation Guide” 😉

Suze Re-releases Set 204 (Mar. 2, 2015)

Another nice release by Suze on Mar. 2, 2015 of Set 204 in higher resolution. A total of 80 pics have been released each in 2400 x 1600. No new pics to add to the index but improved resolution for virtually the entire set. Here’s the preview pic:

Suze Set 204 Release

The full set is available at SUZE.NET