Unknown Aussie Photographer

As part of Veronika’s promotional tour of Australia for Penthouse, she managed to partake in a few extra photoshoots while she was there. There were 3 sets she shot for which we have yet to discover the true identity of the photographer who shot them.

Case in point: Set 142.

When published in “Mayfair” the photographer was listed as being Linda Lock whereas the same set published in Aussie magazine “People with Pix”, the photographic credits go to someone called Ryan. A search for Linda Lock yields nothing … and just the name Ryan doesn’t help much either. Both are merely pseudonyms for the real photographer we can likely assume.

I am hoping that there is someone out there who might know the true identity of this presumably Aussie photographer who got to work with Veronika back in 1998 🙂

The pics for Set 142 where only published in a few magazines in the end. One as I mentioned above was the Aussie publication “People with Pix” which did include some delicious pics of Veronika in the bathtub … here’s one that has never been seen before other than if you have a printed copy yourself. A brand new pic for the index … stunning!!!