Veronika in Issue of Midweek Sport Oct. 4, 2017

Great news!!!! At long last, Midweek Sport has once again decided to have Veronika grace the cover of one of their issues. Here’s the preview:

Those those of you living in the UK, you have today and tomorrow to try and pickup a copy on the newsstand!!!

Here’s hoping they don’t wait too much longer before Veronika’s next cover appearance 🙂

Set 230 New Pic # 7

Hi … is a new month so figured it was time to dig deep into the archives this time for an extremely rare pic from Set 230. The reason I say rare … this is the only set of J. Stephen Hicks which was featured in Penthouse publications but for some strange reason was NEVER released on their website. Thus very few pics from this set exist … just what was featured in several Penthouse issues from around the world. The one good thing about Penthouse was that versions of Penthouse featured different photos country to country .. unlike Playboy which always published the exact same layout regardless of country. This meant that little gems were always tucked away in local issues of Penthouse magazines … like this new “old” pic which I uncovered many years ago in a Spanish Penthouse magazine.

This set was from J. Stephen Hicks’ first photoshoot with Veronika back in Mar. 1998 as part of her first modelling trip to the USA 🙂

Set 022 New Pic

Another new gorgeous pic of Veronika in her absolute prime found in an old issue of Whitehouse International from 2002 …

This set was actually shot back in 1998 by Viv Thomas … unfortunately this was the only time that Veronika would work with Viv.

Set 267 New Pic

Another recently purchased old Das Neue Wochenend magazine from 2000 has yielded another gem … this time a new pic from Veronika’s infamous boy/girl beach set.

What an amazing find after all these years. I hope that you all agree 😉

This set was shot in late 1998 by her then photographer / boyfriend Stefano Santori.

Veronika in Apr. 12, 2017 Issue of Midweek Sport

After a little break, Midweek Sport has finally decided to feature a nice 2 page layout of Veronika again. Nothing new as usually the case however nice to see that they are still featuring Veronika on a semi-regular basis. Here’s the preview:

For those of you living in the UK … you should be able to pickup a copy on the newsstands if you hurry 🙂

The story again to accompany the layout is ridiculous … supposedly Veronika is looking for a “sex slave” to “use” in her Chelsea flat haha. Good to see journalistic integrity is alive and well allover the World especially in the UK 😉

Set 405 New Pic

Well here’s proof that “Sunday Sport” does publish a new picture of Veronika every once in a while … a brand new pic for Set 405 …. and a fantastic one at that … an extremely sexy pose of Veronika !!!!!

Here’s open that they open their archives and print a few more new pics.

Set 025 New Pic

Found this new pic on the back from Looker magazine from march 2003 … had to perform a bit of extraction of the image from the advertisement first …

First Mag of 2017!!!

Well it took a while, put here is the first magazine which I have come across for 2017 featuring Veronika … the March 3rd issue of Weekend Sport !!!

Nothing new in terms of content, but just great to see that magazines want to print pics of Veronika.