eBay Polaroid Scam

I wanted to pass this along as a public service to prevent someone from getting scammed by buying these supposedly rare and original Polariods from one of Veronika’s photo shoots on eBay.

Back in the day when photographers shot using film, they used to take a couple of shots using Polaroid film to verify that the lighting was correct since they had no way of knowing what was on the film itself until it was developed after the photo shoot. With the Polaroid versions they could observe the results immediately and make any corrections as required.

Of course the pose and angle of the shots taken with the Polaroid camera would always be unique to those shots on the film camera. I know this for fact because I have purchased several of these Polaroids directly from several photographers in the past … and in every case the image on the Polaroid was totally unique.

I therefore was astonished when I saw a seller posting on eBay a set of “Rare and Original” Polaroids from one of Veronika’s photo shoots which looked remarkably like the exact photos published for that set. This was a set which was only ever released on Veronika’s original website. All images for this set therefore had the “Zemanova.com cat logo” on them as a result.

Upon closer examination of these so called rare original Polaroids, I could see that they had taken these Veronika photos and merely cropped them to eliminate the logo from appearing on the Polaroid as can be seen in the examples below:

If they were really original Polaroids for that set, I would have expected to see a never before seen image for that set (that is a good way for a good first check for authenticity) … in this case they are merely a crop of existing images for that Set.

Now the worst part … the seller is trying to rip unsuspected buyers off to the tune of $55 USD each!! What a scam !!

I could not bare to see this and so posted this announcement here on the blog in hopes that any real fan of Veronika sees this and avoids getting ripped off.