Veronika Filmography Added

Finally had a chance to complete Veronika’s filmography. It has been added to the top of “Videos” page of the website. Seeing that this website is the “definitive guide” on Veronika, the filmography provides much more than just a listing of her VHS / DVD appearances, but provides a detailed listing of each disk’s contents with links to the video previews plus a description of where and when the videos were actually shot.

Here’s a preview. Click on the image to be taken directly to the new “Filmography” section.

Filmography Preview

Magazine Contents

I realize that I have a standing request for making me aware of potential content you might find not in the index. I have received several emails over the course
of the past year from several folks. However I suspect based on my own direct experience that there are still many hidden treasures in magazines. I am fairly sure
that all magazines which have full multi page layouts have been captured or found. I am more referring to the magazines were there are single images of Veronika
published and to be honest they never use her name in these single pic appearances. I have found these primarily in those weekly magazines as opposed to the monthly
mags which have the large multi page layouts. Examples of the weekly mags are the German mags like Sex Woche, Praline, Das Neue Wochenend and British magazines
Daily Sport etc.. Now I wish that I had the entire collection of these from the years 1997 to present day to be able to look through all the issues for these individual
pics…. but I don’t. I suspect though that there are some collectors out there that do have the full set of these magazines. If anyone is in a position to check through
their collection and would be willing to pass along their findings to me then I would be very appreciative. I would be willing to return the favour.

Here are a few examples of pages from the magazines I am referring to: