Bizarre New Misc. Pic

Found this absolutely bizarre single photo of Veronika posted in an issue of the German magazine Sex Woche No. 35 (1998).

I am fairly certain that it was shot around the same time as the infamous boy/girl set since I heard from a reliable source that Roberto Rocchi who shot the boy/girl set also shot many other sets of Veronika that same weekend, only a few scattered pics of which have ever been found in print. I also heard from the same source that most, if not all, of the original material from that photo shoot has been discarded … so unless more is found buried in a magazine already printed, we are very unlikely to find anymore pics of this blond wig set or any others from that early photo shoot of Veronika (time to cry now!!!)

030 - Sex Woche No 35 (Aug 1998) - Page 21 - Pic

I have added this photo to the Misc. Set of the index as photo #30. Releases “Gift to Mankind” Sept 24, 2013

Just checked the site and was happy to see another set released by them. This time Veronika as a blond doing her best impression of Brigette Bardot !!!! These pics are identical to the recent release on … the good news however is that they are higher resolution and better quality than the Suze versions!!!! So thanks to for releasing this improved version!!!!

Set 135 Sample 001