Artist Count Tops 500

This past month I just noticed that the 500th artist was found and added to the Art collection. Veronika continues to be the source of inspiration for both new artists and new works of art.

The art collection features all types of styles from canvas paintings, pencil sketches, digital manipulations and augmentations.

Here’s a sampling of several of the different styles:

New Year Sport 2021

Well that did not take long for Veronika’s first magazine appearance in 2021 … she was predominantly featured in a 2 page layout in the UK tabloid New Year Sport:

some very nice pics from Set 381 !!!!

New Set 500

Got a huge surprise a few months ago when an issue of Dutch magazine Panorama published in March 1999 appeared on eBay for sale …. it contained pics from an unknown photo shoot. Of course, we had to immediately purchase the magazine …. inside was pure gold.

To mark the start of 2021, we therefore have released the pics from this magazine as a new set ….

Absolutely gorgeous … I think that you will all agree !!!

Turns out that the photos were taken by Ronnie Hertz in 1998 … hard to believe this set was unknown until now 😉 Makes you wonder what else is still hidden out there !!!!

Happy New Year 2021 !!!!

The Staff and all the Fans at want to wish Veronika and her entire Family a wonderful and prosperous 2021!!! Seeing the trying times we have been through in 2020 … next year has to be better for us all !!!!