Set 24 releases @ Foxes called “Paradise” 4-11-2013

Hi all Veronika Zemanova fans…got some news again. Just checked out the site and they released a set on April 11th 2013 of Veronika. Set 24 they are calling it “Paradise”. 77 images. I dont know if any of them are better then index so could not tell you otherwise. go join foxes today to purchase the gallery. Comes in 3 sizes; Extra-Large, Normal-Large and small.

Paradise-SamplesSample photo of Normal-Large



Set 124 Deluxe Released @ Actiongirls released April 24th 2013

Hi Fellow Veronika Zemanova fans. Have some news that Actiongirls released another deluxe edition set 124 they are calling it Bar set. The sizes are nice but none replace the index versions. For the normal style, her skin looks airbrushed and glossy and looks not like the original release. However these styles are not as horrible as the other releases. I just wished he would just release larger images and shouldn’t mess with the goddess Veronika’s photos. If he wished to add styles at least add an original one to them as well. This pleases hardcore fans of Veronika as well as your artistic Style.

For Full releases go to Actiongirls to join.

I decided to upload three resized versions. If you wish for full size go join actiongirls for actual releases

Normal Index Version

veronicazemanovaalcohol105Normal Deluxe Version

actiongirlszemanovadeluxenormallook0105Style Deluxe Version



Set 002 Deluxe Set released @Actiongirls

Got some more news from actiongirls. They released another deluxe edition of set 002 Fireplace.. They released two versions one normal and one style but normal does not mean better photos for the index am afraid. Its larger size but alot of photos are missing plus a huge line on a majority of the pix. Plus one photo is missing in the style one only 89 pix while the normal has 90 pix. Says it was released March 29th but thats not true it was added today April 4th 2013. Its not worth joining.. If you wish to join

Normal Deluxe Edition

AG Zemanova Fireplace NormalStyle Deluxe Edition

AG Zemanova Fireplace Style