Set 247 New Photo

Perfect 10 finally released another picture for Set 247. I wish they really would release a bunch more at some point in the future. I have approached the owner of Perfect10 a few times regarding this and it does not appear that he is interested … unfortunately 🙁 So I guess we need to settle for a couple of new pics per year!!!! Better than nothing though since for me these pics were Veronika in her prime!!! This latest pic is just an example of truly “absolute perfection”.

Here is the preview:

Set 247 - 009

This pic is another perfect example of a website releasing pics of Veronika in the wrong orientation. Guess they never consulted my “Veronika Orientation Guide” 🙂 For reference, here’s what the pic should have looked like: 20141206204738 vern12

A full sized version of this pic can be found on Perfect10’s Website

This photo was taken by Dusan Simanek!!!!

New Set 196 Pics Added

Perfect 10 finally released 2 more pics for Set 196. I wish they would release a bunch more at some point in the future. This was Veronika in her prime!!!

Here are some previews: 20140304145604 wtgab99

Full sized versions of these can be found at Perfect10’s Website

These photos were taken by Dusan Simanek!!!!