Set 420 New Rare Pic

Found this rare new pic for this Set in a Dynamit magazine from 2000 recently.

The reason I say rare …. this set was shot by David Muscroft. It was the first time that he had worked with Veronika in Prague back in 1998. Unfortunately David tossed all the originals from this first photoshoot which included Set 379 and 446 into the bin 🙁

So if you ever come across any additional pics from any of these 3 sets consider yourself lucky 😉

Set 434 New Pic

Well I received a wonderful surprise from a fan the other day … he had found this image below on a website where folks can help identify woman they don’t recognize. The fellow on that website said that it was from a “poster” he had and was wanting the know the name of the woman depicted on it !!!! Well that was easy for us 😉 Great thing is it was a never before seen pic of Veronika for Set 434.


Now I need to see if I can find that poster OMG … this image ranks right up there with some of the best photos ever taken of Veronika … I hope you all agree!!!

New Set 469

I recently purchased all the original pictures which David Muscroft had left over of Veronika and discovered that 2 images which were originally included as part of Set 434 were actually from a different photo shoot. Find below a preview of the additional 8 pics which I received from David which when combined with the 2 pics from Set 434 make new Set 469 comprised of 10 pics …

Set 469 - 001

Enjoy ….

PS … all images in this set are © 2012 Copyright David Muscroft Productions

New Set 461

Here is a special Christmas gift to all the fans of our favorite goddess from the private collection of … a new Set featuring Veronika on the beach. One of these pics was in the Misc Set … now we finally get a new set with the addition of 2 new pics.

These pics have been added as new Set 461.

Set 461 Pic 1
Set 461 Pic 1

Set 461 Pic 2
Set 461 Pic 2

Set 461 Pic 3
Set 461 Pic 3

Muscroft Pics

Well you will recall that I posted a blog entry a week ago about an Aktuell Rapport magazine which had what appeared might be a new Muscroft set … the magazine finally arrived today and turns out that it had 4 new pics for Set 421.

Here’s the preview of the pages:

Aktuell Rapport (2004) No 11 Preview

Turns out this issue was filled with other goodies as well … a 5 page layout of Veronika with Adele as the “maid”.

Missing Set 446 Photos

I had posted pictures for Set 446 in the blog a while back. At the time I had mentioned that all these photos were published in one single issue of “Night Society” magazine.

However many years before I had discovered this set in the magazine, I had come across these very tiny thumbnails below in an ad for a Russian screen saver for your cellphone. These photos I have never been able to locate in any kind of higher resolution. I have added them here for reference. They are too small to be officially added to the index.

Set 446 Comments Pic 1

If anyone happens to have higher resolution versions of these thumbnail images then please let me know by posting a reply.

New Set 446

I guess this is the month of NEW sets … made another unbelievable find in a Night Society magazine sent to me by a friend. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the content!!! Inside were pics from a new set which I have been searching for for many many years. I am not certain whether these were ever published anywhere else, I suspect an issue of Dynamit (if someone can please confirm, then drop me an email), however these photos were all shot by David Muscroft in Prague back in 1998. I knew this photoshoot existed because I had come across some very small thumbnails some time ago, and so I spoke with David about the set at the time since I had recognized it was his work … he told me that he had thrown out all the original slide material to make room in his attic [ I cried that day 😉 ]. Since then I have been hunting for these pics and now finally found them and can add them to the index.

001 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 1 - A - logo

The complete set can be retrieved below:

013 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 2 - C012 - Night Society (5-2002) - Cover - A011 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 2 - A010 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 3 - C009 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 2 - D008 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 3 - D007 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 3 - B006 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 3 - A005 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 1 - B004 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 2 - E003 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 1 - C002 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 2 - B001 - Night Society (5-2002) - Page 1 - A