Actiongirls Web Posters Series 5– Released on 3/27/2013

Hello  fellow Veronika Zemanova fans… Tobey here with some news. This time around actiongirls released the Web Posters 5.. However not much Veronika photos posted in this gallery and is not worth waiting around for this huge file to download completely. Its about over 200mb file but only has about 22mb of Veronika photos. However if you are a big VZ collector then visit actiongirls for the full release…





Tom Millea Original on sale @ Ebay

Hey Fellow VZ fans. I did some searching on ebay and found this listing of an original Tom Millea “platinum” print (Set 215 on the VZ index). The starting bid is for $499.99. See the pic which was attached along with the bid below:

Tom Millea Platinum Print of Veronika

“Update — See reply by t-man for a link to Tom Millea’s” wesbite and a description of the “platinum printing process”

Set 272 Deluxe Set released @ Actiongirls

Hey Fellow VZ fans been awhile since i wrote a blog entry. I have some bad news about the recent Actiongirls update. They recently posted a deluxe 2 versions of Set 272. It has a nice large size but no new photos and no updates to the index. The versions don’t replace anything. The versions are called Deluxe Normal and Deluxe Style all large size photos.

You can view the originals here

Deluxe Normal


Deluxe Style