Releases “Perfection Indeed” July 6, 2013

Just checked the site foxes and was happy to see another set released by foxes. This brings three sets in 4 months. Set includes 66 images for Sets 49 and 69 … not sure how many per set. They are releasing them together. I would prefer 2 different sets with the same amount of photos. However having possible higher res is better then nothing at all. Set comes in three sizes. Extra-large, Normal-large and small. I suggest you check out foxes for the release.

Perfection IndeedSample Photo of the Normal-Large

big--Perfection Indeed


Veronika in Dynamit July 2013

Well, Veronika continues to grace the covers of the German magazine Dynamit. This is the second cover this year, making it 17 appearances in total for Veronika in that magazine since her first appearance in Feb. 2000.

I know that Dynamit only ever publishes sets from photographer Stefano Santori of Veronika… if you look closely at the cover pic, Veronika appears to be wearing black underwear with little studs all along the edges …. I hope that this has not just been Photoshopped in place by Dynamit for the cover pic …. because if not, I do not recognize a set photographed by Santori where she wore such lingerie …. a new set perhaps???

Dynamit July 2013