Artist Count Tops 500

This past month I just noticed that the 500th artist was found and added to the Art collection. Veronika continues to be the source of inspiration for both new artists and new works of art.

The art collection features all types of styles from canvas paintings, pencil sketches, digital manipulations and augmentations.

Here’s a sampling of several of the different styles:

The “Digital” Veronika

Well 2019 has really gotten off on the right foot if you are a Veronika fan.

As you might recall, towards the end of 2018, an artist named GREENT published an animated GIF of Veronika which was extremely lifelike. All us Veronika fans got extremely excited as to the prospects of what this could lead to. I approached GREENT at the beginning of last December and asked if he would be interested in partnering up and creating the most realistic digital model of Veronika that could be created. I would provide ultra high resolution photographs for him to use as the basis of creating the model and he would magically translate that into something that we all would immediately recognize as “Veronika” within the rendering software. The task proved to be more time consuming than first anticipated as Veronika pushed the limits of the dials to be able to accurately render the features of her face. After painstaking weeks of tweaking and countless coffees and beers, here’s the first official glimpse of the “Digital Veronika” …. freckles and all !!!!!

Thanks GREENT for your extraordinary efforts, the results are truly remarkable … I hope you all agree !!!

Another Sketch by Adrian Johnson for Sale

Artist Adrian Johnson has made available a second print of a pencil sketch of Veronika this week on eBay. Fans will recognize this as pic #2 from “Set 030”. Adrian created this work of art in 2015 but has just reissued prints of it for sale.

Prints of this pic are currently available for sale on eBay. So hurry if you want to get your hands on a copy!!!

You can see the rest of Adrian’s talents on display on his page in the “Art Section”.

New Pencil Sketch from Adrian Johnson

Artist Adrian Johnson this week created a brand new pencil sketch of Veronika (thanks Adrian for bringing this to my attention and forwarding me a preview). Fans will recognize this as a pic from “Set 044”. Adrian has done a masterful job in recreating all the nuances of Veronika which almost bring this print to life.


Prints of this pic are currently available for sale on eBay. So hurry if you want to get your hands on a copy!!!

You can see the rest of Adrian’s talents on display on his page in the “Art Section”.

New Art Section Goes Live (7-11-2016)

Well after about a 2 month effort between PyroGray and myself, we are pleased to unveil today the NEW IMPROVED ART SECTION of the website.

New Art Section Intro

The section now features all of the artworks found to date of Veronika sorted by Artist.

Please have a look and let us know if you find anything out of place. We have a section at the bottom of the page for artists whose names are unknown. If anyone recognizes any of their names then please let me know.

I hope that you will like the new home that PyroGray and myself have created for “The Art of Veronika” 😀

PS … on the top of all the Art pages you will also notice the NEW drop down menu structure which will soon be released to ALL pages on the website. From this new menu you can reach any page on the website with just a couple clicks.

Improved Art Section Coming Soon

Just a heads up regarding a major update which is taking place here at Coming this July a new and improved Art section will be released on the website. Thanks to the tireless work of PyroGray for sorting through the nearly 700+ works of art and painstaking effort to cataloging these by artist. As you see from the preview below, the Art section features a brand new look making use of one of the last remaining backdrop images from Veronika’s original website. Each artist’s work will now be prominently featured on their own dedicated webpage.

July Monthly Update - Art

Look for the new Art site to go on-line in a few weeks.