Some More Fan Contributions

Wanted to pass along another example of some of the outstanding work some of the fans are doing …. this time from one of Veronika’s many fans in Japan … some colourised versions of one of her purely B&W sets …


I think that we can all agree that this brings this entire set into a whole new light !!!!!

If anyone else has something that they would like to see featured in the blog then please let me know … I would be happy to post it.

Sunday Sport 30th Anniversary Issue

Veronika was featured as one of the “Noughties” in today’s 30th Anniversary pull out issue of Sunday Sport.

Nothing new in terms of a pic however is great to see Veronika being honoured as one of the “Noughty Babes” 😉


Set 016 New Pic

I have to say that I love the Japanese …. the food is great but more specifically the publishers!!! Any Japanese magazine which I have bought has always featured all new pics of Veronika. Looks like they obtained exclusive rights for certain images which were only ever featured in their magazines. It always feels like Christmas morning every time I receive a Japanese magazine and crack open the cover, cause I know that I will be treated to some goodies!!!

The issue of Dick magazine from June 2004 was no exception featuring 9 new pics over 6 pages from one of my favourite sets, namely Set 016. Just something about the combination of oil and Veronika which brought out the “dangerousness” of her already magnificent curves 😉

I hope that you all enjoy this new pic:


It was actually shot back in 2001 by photographer Paolo Tallarigo.

Recent Fan Contributions

I want to send out a special thanks to a couple of long time fans who emailed some new Veronika content to include in the index …

The first thanks goes to BenH … a frequent commentor here on the blog … he sent me a brand new magazine cover which I had never seen before:

Fetish Vol 1 No 3 - Blog

And the second is an example of some phenomenal work done by Javier who’s Photoshop skills are second to none … extracting images from magazine covers to create new index pics. Here’s just one recent example of his work ….

Set 140 Extract for Blog

Thanks again guys for your contributions … I certainly appreciate your efforts and know that all the other Veronika fans out there do as well !!!! Keep up the great work and if you have something new you feel should be added to the index them please contact me with the details. I always love to hear from fellow Veronika fans.