“Movie Theatre” now in HD

Just posted on Actiongirls.com, an HD version of “Movie Theatre” (AGS-009). Thanks again to Scotty JX for continuing to provide the Veronika fans these great updated versions 😉

Here’s hoping for some additional footage like the Porsche new versions on some future video releases.

Here are the previews … the first the official version which accompanied this release plus one extra that I created from some of my own vidcaps from the new video:

Veronica-Zemanova-Movie-Theater-BluRay-Movie-POSTERAGS-009 - Movie Theatre Finale (HD) - Preview

Until next Friday!!!

Biography Added

At long last I have had a chance to add a “biography” to the website. It can be reached via the “Photo Sets” page and then selecting “Misc” menu item, or via any of the “Timeline” pages or directly by clicking the preview page below:


For Veronika’s biography I decided to use the “official” version which she herself had written and released on her last website. I did however add some of my own commentary to cover the period from 2009 to today since her website closed.

As always, comments / feedback welcome.

The only piece I still intend to add as an addendum to the Biography is a “career statistics” page. That will be coming soon!!!

Veronika in Sunday Sport (Nov. 9, 2014)

Here we go again … another appearance of Veronika in Sunday Sport. I was expecting the regular re-printing of the same pics from Jens Wikholm shoots they have used many many times. Too my surprise I was stunned to see a BRAND NEW pic for Set 396 appear on a full page spread in today’s (Nov. 9, 2014) issue of Sunday Sport. Of course immediately bought the digital online copy since I had to see the pic in higher resolution. I hope this is the signs of more new pics to come soon. Sunday Sport also recently printed some new photos for Set 405 in the Aug. 10, 2014 issue. I guess that photographer Jen Wikholm must have agreed to FINALLY release several more photos from that May 2008 photo shoot (See 2008 in the Veronika Timeline for all sets). I know that when I approached Wikholm in the past to see if he would make available any additional photos from those sets he was not interested. Looks like he has had a change of heart which means good things to come for us fans 🙂

2014-11 - Sunday Sport (Nov 9, 2014)

Here’s hoping for plenty more NEW pics to be published soon.

For those in the UK be sure to check the newsstands for your own copy of the issue.

Veronika “Orientation Guide”

Hi … thought I would take the time to answer a question I often receive from fellow fans as to how to tell if a picture of Veronika is displayed or printed in the proper orientation. Sadly far too often images and in some cases even entire sets (aka Penthouse!!!!!) get published with pictures of Veronika in the wrong orientation. Had they known of a few tell tale indicators, they could have easily gotten it correct. Here is the list for all her “orientation markers” or “visual cues” … both pre and post breast augmentations:

  • Appendectomy scar on right side of pelvis
  • Small freckle just underneath her right breast
  • Freckles on upper triceps of right arm
  • Freckles on left forearm just above the wrist
  • Smallpox vaccination scar on upper left arm
  • Freckle on inner left leg just above the knee
  • Left breast areola larger than right breast (natural breasts)
  • Left breast starts higher up on chest than right breast (natural breasts)
  • Small freckle on rear of right leg just above the ankle
  • Scar on rear left shoulder blade
  • Right breast has 5-6 point pattern in areola around the nipple while left breast only has 2 (post breast augmentation)
  • Left breast has noticeable flat spot below areola after second breast augmentation
  • Left eye slightly smaller than right eye

All are shown in these high resolution images … click on each to enlarge to see examples of the “markers”:

Veronika Orientation Markers - FVeronika Orientation Markers - Rear - F

Note that most magazines or websites might Photoshop some or most of these markers away prior to printing/posting the pictures, so you might need to check several to figure it out. I have yet to not be able to properly orient a pic using these cues.

Have fun and try finding some “wrongly” oriented pics yourself, now that you have the “secret Veronika orientation decoder ring” 😉