Set 096 New Pic

Hello my friends …

have had this one around for several years … was found on one of those late ’90’s Photo CDs you see show up every once in a while on eBay. A colleague had bought a whole bunch of these and saw Veronika appeared on several of the disks and sent me all the pics … here was one of these … a NEW pic for Set 096

So if you have any old photo CDs from the late 90’s or early 2000’s kicking around, have a look … you might be surprised the goodies hidden inside!!!

Set 179 New Pic

Well … seeing that SUZE decided NOT to release any new pics for the recently released remastered edition of Set 179 (WHY?????) … I find it appropriate to dig into my personal collection and do the right thing and at least add one gorgeous new pic to the collection of this set … a wonderful photo showcasing Veronika’s absolutely breathtaking stunning legs 🙂

Suze Set 179 Remastered

In less than 1 week, SUZE.NET releases another remastered set … this time Set 179.

62 images each with a resolution of 2400 pixels are included in this release …. here’s the preview: