NEW Set 476 !!!!

Well that did not take long for the request to be answered!!! Thanks to the help of forum fan PK and and unknown Tumblr account holder who happened to have a copy of the magazine the contents were revealed … ans sure enough we have a BRAND NEW SET to be unveiled after 20+ years (quite remarkable to be honest that it had never been spotted by anyone before). The magazine contained an 8 page layout featuring 9 wonderful new pics for the Veronika index. Here’s a preview of all 9 pics which make up the new Set 476

From our best estimates the set appears to have been shot in early 2001 and the style seems to suggest that it is the work of Jana Krenova as the setting is also very similar to Set 238.

This is not the first time that an exclusive set appeared only in a Finnish Lollo magazine … the other occurrence was in Jan of 2003 (just 2 months before the magazine which contained the new Set 476 pics BTW!!!):

So I wonder if any other new sets are still hidden away in more Lollo magazines from that vintage!!! I hope that some one has them and can check 😉

Set 096 New Pic

Hello my friends …

have had this one around for several years … was found on one of those late ’90’s Photo CDs you see show up every once in a while on eBay. A colleague had bought a whole bunch of these and saw Veronika appeared on several of the disks and sent me all the pics … here was one of these … a NEW pic for Set 096

So if you have any old photo CDs from the late 90’s or early 2000’s kicking around, have a look … you might be surprised the goodies hidden inside!!!

Set 239 New Pic

Hard to believe that I came across this new pic for Set 239 hidden away in an issue of JUGGS magazine from Oct 1998. This magazine was actually filled with about a dozen new pics for this Set. Here is one of the samples:


This set was actually photographed almost a year earlier in July 1997 by Jana Krenova in Veronika’s home town.

Set 194 Pic 022

Here’s another NEW pic for Set 194 from an issue of Lollo from Mar 2007. This mag is just filled with goodness from this set is all I will say … if you don’t have your own copy yet I would HIGHLY recommend tracking one down !!!! You will NOT be disappointed.

022-Lollo (3-2007) - Page 18 & 19 - C-F

Bestlegshow Updated Set 238 Releases

Well well … what a coincidence … I just release a new pic from a Leg Show magazine for this set in my last blog post when low and behold Jana Krenova releases a whole bunch of new higher resolution pics for Set 238 on her “Bestlegshow” site today. All I can say is THANK YOU Jana … it really is fantastic to see these higher reoslution pics released from one of my favourite sets of Veronika. Here’s a preview of the new releases as posted on her website:

Set 238 - Blog June 2016

Please go check out “Jana’s bestlegshow” to buy a copy of all the new pics!!!

This set was originally shot by Jana back in early 2001 … here’s hoping she opens her vault and releases many more “new” Veronika pics in the not too distant future. She appears to be only publisher still active who is willing to release newer material of Veronika for which we fans are all extremely grateful 🙂

Set 238 New Pic

To my surprise, I recently came across this new pic from Set 238 in an issue of the German version of Leg Show magazine from 2002. The same layout for Set 238 minus this double page pic also appeared in the Spanish version of Leg Show entitled “Tacones Altos”. I previously had had the Spanish version of the magazine and figured when I bought the German one that the content would be identical .. how happy I was when I saw this new pic staring at me 🙂

034-Leg Show No 58 (2002) - Page 60 & 61B

This was the only Set that I am aware of which Jana Krenova shot with Veronika after her breast augmentation in 2001. Seeing that Jana had worked with Veronika so many times before this it seems quite odd that she suddenly stopped working with her … unless she had a thing against implants … but seeing that Jana did focus more on “leg” shots anyway I can honestly say that Veronika’s legs were absolutely stellar post 2001 because her exercise regime she had been through just prior to the surgery produced shapely legs to die for.

New Set 457

An unbelievable find this week was posted on Jana Krenova’s Best Leg Show website …. a never before seen set of Veronika from back in Sept. 1999 … here’s the preview:

Set 457 Blog Pic

Jana released 40 pics for the set which are for sale for a very reasonable price of $9.99 USD … go to her site at Best Leg Show and check it out. If more folks buy the set she might have an incentive to uncover other sets 😉

New Bakery Video

OMG did I ever get a surprise from one of my German colleagues this morning!!!

He frequently buys erotic CDs from ebay in the hopes of finding pics of the woman he collects. He knows that I am a huge fan of Veronika and if he finds something on one of the CDs he always sends it to me asking if I need it. Well as I said this morning he sends me this video link and says .. check it out … you likely already have it but thought I would send so that you can check it out. When I opened the file I almost had a heart attack … there on my screen was a never before seen video from Veronika in the Czech Bakery. This photo session was featured in Set 353 and appeared in the German Dec. 1998 Issue of Hustler magazine.

Here’s the preview of the video …

MSC-015 - Hustler Czech Bakery (Preview) - Preview
MSC-015 - Hustler Czech Bakery (Preview) - Full
PS … sorry for the poor thumbs preview … don’t know why it was so fragmented??? But the video is fine!!!!

and the link to the video itself:

Video Link # 1 or MSC-015 – Hustler Czech Bakery (Preview)

Now as you can see from the preview’s last frame (translated from German), this is only the 37 second preview of the full video which appears on Hustler Online Vol. 2 (German) CD which I don’t have yet and am looking for. Here is the cover of the CD #1 on which this preview was found as a reference:

Hustler Online Vol  1 - Cover

If anyone happens to have the German CD of “Hustler Online Vol. 2”, please please send me an email 🙂

Set 135 on “BestLegShow”

Well Jana Krenova has come up big again and released “49” new / improved resolution pics for Set 135. Here’s a preview of the free samples she has posted on her site:

Set 135 Sample 001

Set 135 Sample 002

Set 135 Sample 003

Set 135 Sample 004

This set was shot in Prague. I just hope that Jana opens up her vault and releases more new “old” goodies in the future.

To buy the rest of the pics in this set, please go to Jana’s website at

New Set 35 Pics

Well looks like Jana Krenova has dug through her archives and released 15 new / improved resolution pics for Set 035. Here’s a sample of one of the free previews she has posted on her site:


Jana worked with Veronika a grand total of 22 times early in her career making her one of the photographers that Veronika worked the most with during her career. I just hope that Jana opens up her vault and releases more new “old” goodies in the future.

To buy the rest check here at

Jana had previously posted 2 additional sets for purchase … Sets 60 and 143 :