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OMG did I ever get a surprise from one of my German colleagues this morning!!!

He frequently buys erotic CDs from ebay in the hopes of finding pics of the woman he collects. He knows that I am a huge fan of Veronika and if he finds something on one of the CDs he always sends it to me asking if I need it. Well as I said this morning he sends me this video link and says .. check it out … you likely already have it but thought I would send so that you can check it out. When I opened the file I almost had a heart attack … there on my screen was a never before seen video from Veronika in the Czech Bakery. This photo session was featured in Set 353 and appeared in the German Dec. 1998 Issue of Hustler magazine.

Here’s the preview of the video …

MSC-015 - Hustler Czech Bakery (Preview) - Preview
MSC-015 - Hustler Czech Bakery (Preview) - Full
PS … sorry for the poor thumbs preview … don’t know why it was so fragmented??? But the video is fine!!!!

and the link to the video itself:

Video Link # 1 or MSC-015 – Hustler Czech Bakery (Preview)

Now as you can see from the preview’s last frame (translated from German), this is only the 37 second preview of the full video which appears on Hustler Online Vol. 2 (German) CD which I don’t have yet and am looking for. Here is the cover of the CD #1 on which this preview was found as a reference:

Hustler Online Vol  1 - Cover

If anyone happens to have the German CD of “Hustler Online Vol. 2”, please please send me an email 🙂

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  1. Incredible, after all these years, it finally resurfaced at the end of 2014 – Makes you wonder what else is hidden out there, waiting to be discovered.

    1. I keep thinking that we must have found everything Veronika did after all these years of searching for material and yet constantly get surprised by finds like these. I hope that the surprises never end 🙂

      I suspect the issue why these videos and pics keep surfacing after all this time is the fact that most of the material is from very early in her career and she did not go by her real name. That certainly makes it much more difficult to locate that material unless you happen to stumble upon it like my friend did this week.

      The real ironic part is that he got this CD # 1 thrown in for free because of all the other CDs he had purchased. Luckily for us !!! Guess the seller did not know what gem he was sitting on. I already asked the same seller if he had CD #2 and he doesn’t unfortunately.

  2. Seems to be a problem at Rapidgator. Have attempted download several times without success. Based on my previous experience of failed downloads, have cleared and re-entered site to download. Nada!

    1. Hi Ronnie … Did you try the alternate download host I posted?? It could be that the file was automatically deleted. I do not have apremium account with Rapidgator. Regular users files automatically get deleted 30 days after the last time they were downloaded. Will check later this afternoon to confirm.

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