Happy New Year

Here’s wishing Veronika, her family and all her fans a wonderful and prosperous 2016 !!!!

I took an old New Year’s greeting which Veronika had posted on her website in 2008 and updated it … hope you enjoy the throwback:

Happy New Year 2016

I always use this New Year post to reflect on the past year in terms of which updates have occurred to the index. Here are some of the statistics:

  • Number of new sets added to the index: 8
  • Number of magazines in which Veronika was published: 11
  • Number of set which were updated: 126
  • Number of updated or new images added to the index: 512
  • Number of new videos found: 1

All and all not a bad year in terms of new material which continues to be published or uncovered of our Veronika, considering that it has been 6 years since Veronika “officially” retired. Here’s hoping that 2016 will yield as many new “goodies” for us fans.


New Set 461

Here is a special Christmas gift to all the fans of our favorite goddess from the private collection of www.VERONIKA-ZEMANOVA.info … a new Set featuring Veronika on the beach. One of these pics was in the Misc Set … now we finally get a new set with the addition of 2 new pics.

These pics have been added as new Set 461.

Set 461 Pic 1
Set 461 Pic 1

Set 461 Pic 2
Set 461 Pic 2

Set 461 Pic 3
Set 461 Pic 3

Veronika in Sunday Sport Dec. 20, 2015 Issue

Well it has been a while that Veronika had made an appearance in an issue of the British tabloids … was starting to get worried!!!! She finally appeared again in today’s issue of Sunday Sport. Nothing new unfortunately this time but a nice pic from Set 218. Here’s the preview:

2015-12 - Sunday Sport (Dec 20, 2015)

Here’s hoping this the start of a long run of new appearances for Veronika.

I had to laugh again at the text accompanying the picture … I doubt that Veronika had anything to do with this haha …

MEGABOOBED Veronika Zemanova will WHIP you into a frenzy – as she loves kinky S& M sex!

The 30- year- old brunette said she’s a closet dominatrix and even boasts a wardrobe full of x- rated gear.

Veronika, who has amazing 30G boobs is originally from the Czech Republic but now lives in Chelsea, west London.

She said: “I’m definitely dominant – I love to take control in the bedroom.

“I have whips and handcuffs, which are always fun. And I love pretending to be a dominatrix as I tie men up and watch them squirm!”

Still 30 years old (that part I think Veronika would like!!!) and living in Chelsea!!!! Anyway always a good laugh.

Merry Christmas

Wishing Veronika her family and all the fans here at www.VERONIKA-ZEMANOVA.info a Merry Christmas … here’s hoping that all your wishes come true this holiday season.

Mery Christmas
Merry Christmas

Beware Fake Signed Photos

I keep seeing lots of so called “real Veronika signed pictures” claiming to come with “certificates of authenticity” being offered for sale on ebay etc.. I just wanted to provide this post as a “service announcement” that almost every one of those IS FAKE. Find below a recent assortment of fake signatures being pawned off to unsuspecting buyers as real:

Selection of Fake Signed Photos
Selection of Fake Signed Photos

Veronika never really liked to sign anything … the only 2 TRUE REAL signed items which I have ever come across are a set of 100 photos from Danni’s Set 043 and pictures Veronika signed at industry events in 2002 … see the samples here:

Only Real Signed Photos Found to Date
Only Real Signed Photos Found to Date

I can 100% guarantee you that if you see ANY picture signed with a photo from post 2002 it is absolutely fake … even if the signature is forged to look real.

So my word of advice is “buyer beware” when it comes to signed Veronika items being sold online.

4th Anniversary

Today (Dec 1st, 2015) marks the 4th Anniversary of the original opening of the “.info” Veronika tribute website. I am really happy how well the site has been received by all the “true” Veronika fans still out there. In honour of the occasion I have decided to release several pics of Veronika from my private collection.

Set 215 - 030Set 215 - 031Leg Show Nr 139 (German) - Page 36

Enjoy and here’s a toast to the next 4 years!!!!