Set 267 New Pic

Another recently purchased old Das Neue Wochenend magazine from 2000 has yielded another gem … this time a new pic from Veronika’s infamous boy/girl beach set.

What an amazing find after all these years. I hope that you all agree 😉

This set was shot in late 1998 by her then photographer / boyfriend Stefano Santori.

Set 016 New Pic

Well it has been a few weeks since I cracked open the magazine archives to post a new image … this time I decided to post one from one of my favourite sets … Set 016 !!! This set was filled with pics which had Veronika showing off her “new” curves as it was shot very shortly after she had her first breast augmentation surgery in 2001. This new image however shows off Veronika’s killer legs. Her legs were always so well toned. For me the only sets which showed off her legs even better were the 2 Suze sets (Set 255 and Set 256).

Enjoy the new pic!!!!