New Veronika Material coming to Actiongirls

Fantastic details released by ScottyJX at Actiongirls this week on the new material alluded to in an earlier post … he’s opening the vaults and releasing never before seen videos and photographs of Veronika Zemanova in Oct to Dec this year … here’s a copy of the announcement and preview image he posted on his website:

There many new Actiongirls exclusive Veronika Movies, coming throughout October, November, and December 2022. That’s right, never before seen, with sequels to SJX AG Veronika Z Red Castle Movie, SJX AG VZ Horror Babe 2022 Movie, SJX AG Veronika Z Intro continues Movie, SJX AG VZ Dream House part 2 Movie and much, much, more. Also including a full upgrade, enhanced and remastered of all SJX AG VZ’s HD Movies to 4K. Make sure to renew your membership today and keep it, it’s going to be a awesome future for Scotty JX Actiongirls fans…

NEW OCTOBER 2022. COMING ONLY FOR ACTIONGIRLS.COM MEMBERS – Scotty JX’s ActionGirls Veronika Z Character returns in new Movies. SJX AG VZ HORROR BABE THE MOVIE. Reactivated, she returns. SJX AG sends a drone to her location, sending a jolt of energy, recharging her, watch as she is reactivated at a unknown SJX AG location. Actiongirls Veronika the story continues..

All we can say is THANK YOU SCOTTYJX!!!!!

Actiongirls releases Deluxe Version of “Details” Set

Well look here … Scotty has decided to FINALLY re-release the “Details” set (ie. Set 411) on the Actiongirls website yesterday. The re-release includes 247 photos which means there are 138 NEW PICS for this set. I also noticed that these pics include less touched up pics for which I am grateful … I never understood the need to touch up perfection anyway 😉

The preview poster says 500 photos however Scotty released a regular and art version of each photo.

Here’s are the previews which were posted on Scotty’s site on Dec. 19, 2014 for this re-release:


Go and visit Scotty’s Actiongirls site and check out the pics.

These were originally photographed on Sept 28, 2009 at her house in Ibiza and was unfortunately the VERY LAST photo session she would ever do before officially retiring.

Intro/In Action Final Release released the final version of the extended cut of the “Intro/In Action” video this week. The new version is now over 18 minutes compared to the original 10 mins for AGS-001. Unlike the previous Porsche extended version releases from a few weeks ago which were 3 new parts, this week’s release of the “Intro/In Action” final version encompasses the Part 1 footage released last week, so I have simply updated and replaced the AGS-016 entry I had added last week.

Find below the official poster accompanying the release plus one I created myself:

Veronica-Zemanova-In-Action-Finale-Extended-Cut-Movie-POSTERIn Action Preview

My favourite part of this new extended cut is that Scotty has added some “behind the scenes” footage at the end where you can hear Veronika speak … absolutely love it … thanks again Scotty!!! Perhaps an idea for another video at the completion of all these HD re-releases … a behind the scenes or outtakes video!!!!!

“Into Action” Extended Cut Part 1

WOW … did not expect a second video release this week on after the release of the “House of Dreams” video, but Scotty must have read my blog posts below 😉 and posted extended footage of “Into Action (AGS-001)”. He released over 11 minutes of brand new footage of Veronika shooting all the different weapons. Since the entire video is new, I have added it to the index as AGS-016.

Now this release is not in HD as the previous releases. I was thinking about that a few weeks ago regarding these early videos since I did not think that HD digital video cameras were available back when those videos were shot. The additional footage looks fantastic in any case … love a couple of the scenes where Veronika smiles at the camera!!!!

Find below the official poster accompanying the release plus one I created myself:

Zemanova-Extended-Cut-Part-1-POSTERAGS-016 - In Action-Intro (Extended Cut) - Part 1 - Preview

Now the best part … at the end of the video it says “Part 2” coming next week !!!!!!

Can’t wait 🙂

“House of Dreams”

Just posted on, an HD version of “House of Dreams” (AGS-008). Have been waiting for this one to be released …. this is my favourite Veronika video … it epitomizes Veronika’s absolute sensuality …. unbelievably sexy for sure 🙂

Here are the previews … the first the official version which accompanied this release plus one extra that I created from some of my own vidcaps from the new video:

Veronica-Zemanova-Dream-House-BluRay-Movie-POSTERAGS-008 - House of Dreams (HD) - Preview

Once again … until next Friday!!!

“Movie Theatre” now in HD

Just posted on, an HD version of “Movie Theatre” (AGS-009). Thanks again to Scotty JX for continuing to provide the Veronika fans these great updated versions 😉

Here’s hoping for some additional footage like the Porsche new versions on some future video releases.

Here are the previews … the first the official version which accompanied this release plus one extra that I created from some of my own vidcaps from the new video:

Veronica-Zemanova-Movie-Theater-BluRay-Movie-POSTERAGS-009 - Movie Theatre Finale (HD) - Preview

Until next Friday!!!