“Into Action” Extended Cut Part 1

WOW … did not expect a second video release this week on Actiongirls.com after the release of the “House of Dreams” video, but Scotty must have read my blog posts below 😉 and posted extended footage of “Into Action (AGS-001)”. He released over 11 minutes of brand new footage of Veronika shooting all the different weapons. Since the entire video is new, I have added it to the index as AGS-016.

Now this release is not in HD as the previous releases. I was thinking about that a few weeks ago regarding these early videos since I did not think that HD digital video cameras were available back when those videos were shot. The additional footage looks fantastic in any case … love a couple of the scenes where Veronika smiles at the camera!!!!

Find below the official poster accompanying the release plus one I created myself:

Zemanova-Extended-Cut-Part-1-POSTERAGS-016 - In Action-Intro (Extended Cut) - Part 1 - Preview

Now the best part … at the end of the video it says “Part 2” coming next week !!!!!!

Can’t wait 🙂

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