400th Magazine with Veronika Zemanova on the Cover

This past month we broke through the 400 magazine count on which Veronika Zemanova appeared on the cover. It never ceases to amaze me that we are still uncovering new magazines, let alone magazines where Veronika appears prominently on the cover, after all these years. Thanks to all the fans who are still on the search for new content !!!!!

Here are the last 4 which were just found which took us over the 400 mark.

You can see all the magazine covers on which Veronika Zemanova was published on the website by Clicking Here.

First Magazine Appearance of 2020!!!!

I was getting a little worried that we would not see Veronika published in a magazine in 2020, but our friends over in the UK have made sure that would not be the case. She appeared in today’s issue of Sunday Sport newspaper. Not a new pic but at least it shows that they have not forgotten about her !!!!