Set 238 New Pic

To my surprise, I recently came across this new pic from Set 238 in an issue of the German version of Leg Show magazine from 2002. The same layout for Set 238 minus this double page pic also appeared in the Spanish version of Leg Show entitled “Tacones Altos”. I previously had had the Spanish version of the magazine and figured when I bought the German one that the content would be identical .. how happy I was when I saw this new pic staring at me 🙂

034-Leg Show No 58 (2002) - Page 60 & 61B

This was the only Set that I am aware of which Jana Krenova shot with Veronika after her breast augmentation in 2001. Seeing that Jana had worked with Veronika so many times before this it seems quite odd that she suddenly stopped working with her … unless she had a thing against implants … but seeing that Jana did focus more on “leg” shots anyway I can honestly say that Veronika’s legs were absolutely stellar post 2001 because her exercise regime she had been through just prior to the surgery produced shapely legs to die for.

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