Bestlegshow Updated Set 238 Releases

Well well … what a coincidence … I just release a new pic from a Leg Show magazine for this set in my last blog post when low and behold Jana Krenova releases a whole bunch of new higher resolution pics for Set 238 on her “Bestlegshow” site today. All I can say is THANK YOU Jana … it really is fantastic to see these higher reoslution pics released from one of my favourite sets of Veronika. Here’s a preview of the new releases as posted on her website:

Set 238 - Blog June 2016

Please go check out “Jana’s bestlegshow” to buy a copy of all the new pics!!!

This set was originally shot by Jana back in early 2001 … here’s hoping she opens her vault and releases many more “new” Veronika pics in the not too distant future. She appears to be only publisher still active who is willing to release newer material of Veronika for which we fans are all extremely grateful 🙂

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