Veronika Updates on Digital Desire

Hi … it’s been a while since we posted anything new …. sorry for that 😉

It looks like updated pics for Sets 044, 449 and 450 were released on Digital Desire’s website on Sept 27, 2020. All pics are now 3000 pix in resolution.

When however you go to their website, don’t expect to find the images under “Veronika’s page” on their website, they have been released under “Chandler” !!! Someone over their at DD was definitely asleep at the wheel WTF. I an understand if they simply misfiled the photo set on the wrong webpage however they even labeled the preview image for the release of the set with the label “Chandler” 🙁

Veronika as “Chandler”

Anyway … the pics are nice in any case 😉

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