New Pic for Set 134

I recently discovered this new pic for Set 134 in a collection of old newspaper clippings of Veronika I had found for sale on ebay. When I received the clippings I noticed that the seller had written the source / date of the clipping onto the back of each of the photos. In this case it came from the May 21, 2001 issue of Sunday Sport. I know that Veronika was and still is being published quite heavily in the Sunday / Midweek Sport newspapers however thought it had only started in earnest around of the 2009 timeframe. This is good news, however, now wonder how we will ever uncover any earlier appearances !!!! If anyone has any older issues they would be willing to share please drop us an email!!!

Did a bit of Photoshop magic to extract the pic from the ad in which it was originally printed and superimposed it over top a background from the set.

Sunday Sport May 27, 2001 - Final for Set

Was originally shot by Jeff Kaine back in 2001.