Set 308 Source Unknown (**SOLVED**)

(** Update July 4,2016 … mystery solved …. See “Replies” …. thanks frodo for the initial clues **)

I figured while I was at it with my last blog post I may as well continue on with the topic of “unknown” photographers. This time I am discussing Set 308. This set of only 4 very small pictures appears to be a set of “behind the scenes” pics from an unknown set or video shot by an unknown photographer. You clearly see Veronika in the makeup chair and then what appears to be a couple of photos in a washroom yet the clothes she has on you never see her wear in any other video or photo shoot which was ever published.

At this point, the only thing I have been able to deduce about this set is that it was shot sometime in 2003 based on her appearance. If anyone has ANY INFORMATION about this photo shoot please let me know. It has always been a mystery to me.

The set does really show off Veronika’s absolutely awesome legs …. another reason to try and find the source and see if anymore pics exist for it … see for yourself:

Set 308 - June Blog