Real Veronika: The Girl Behind the Model

Dear fans of Veronika,

My dear friend t-man asked me to write something here, for you, about our mutual interest: Veronika. Because of the 10th anniversary of her retirement from modeling. He asked me particularly, because I’m not just a fan of her, but because I also got to know her quite well, since I became her manager (from midway 2001 until she got married, and retired, as a model).

Prior to becoming her manager,  I was actually a film maker and became interested in her while I was working on a film project that more or less was about ‘the prettiest woman on the planet’. I had seen some pictures of Veronika in some English top shelf magazines and I concluded that Veronika actually was ‘that prettiest woman‘. Although I yet had no idea if she actually was talented as an actress, I took the risk on that and decided to aim for her as the ideal ‘female lead’ of my film anyway. It was not easy to find her whereabouts, and even when I finally did get in touch with her, it looked like it was not going to work out at all, since she didn’t consider herself a talented actress and therefore was not interested. However, we nevertheless stayed in touch with each other and after a few screen tests she turned out to be interested and confident about her acting skills. However, it was around this same time that she decided to get silicone implants and therefore I wasn’t interested to consider her for the main part in my film anymore (since I thought that ‘the prettiest woman on the planet’ naturally has natural breasts). I also found out that at that same time Veronika was making other work related choices that, to say the least, were bad, questionable and sometimes even risky. She explained to me she actually did not have a manager to help, counsel and represent her. I advised her to look for someone she was able to trust completely. She told me she only knew of one person like that.

The period of time that I was Veronika’s manager was the best and most precious time of my life by far. Not because of the work itself – I consider myself anything but an excellent manager as it isn’t something that I particularly wanted or want to do or that actually satisfies me …. but because of the fact that I was able to work as ‘VERONIKA’s manager‘. Believe it or not, but as beautiful as Veronika may appear from the outside, she’s even more beautiful on the inside. I consider myself a privileged person to have gotten the chance to work for and with her. I’m also very grateful for the wonderful time we spent together and for the fact that I have been part of her life.

Now I could tell you a lot more about my collaboration and adventures with Veronika, but most of it already was posted in the diaries on her website … the contents of which are also available on this wonderful appreciation website.

You’ll understand that I’m reluctant to provide even more personal details or thoughts about Veronika, since I obviously want to respect her privacy. I just wanted to tell you what I’ve mentioned above, since I think you maybe would like to know what kind of person she really is. I realize you merely know, like and admire her because of her looks and that her striking physical beauty is the only reason for you to actually view pictures and videos of her. But while you’re doing that, I guess it might be even more pleasant for you to know that the girl in the picture or video you’re looking at, is not only that exceptionally good looking model you’ve learned to appreciate for that reason but an exceptionally nice, thoughtful and warm-hearted person as well. (At least for me it actually worked out like that.)