Happy 41st Birthday Veronika

Today APRIL 14 is Veronika’s 41st Birthday.


All the fans and in particular the staff here at www.veronika-zemanova.info wish Veronika a wonderful day filled with love, hugs and kisses from her family.

Veronika 41st Birthday Card

6 Replies to “Happy 41st Birthday Veronika”

  1. ¡¡¡ Felicidades Veronika, que en tu día este lleno de sorpresas, que seas tan feliz, como nosotros somos viéndote día a día !!!

    ¡¡¡ Congratulations Veronica, that your day is full of surprises, you’re so happy, as we are seeing every day !!!

  2. Happy birthday Veronika I hope you & your family are well & happy. Thank you for giving me someone to love from when I first saw you in 2000. & Thank you Veronika info (this sight)

  3. Happy 41st Birthday Veronika! Hope you have/had an absolutely fantastic day and hope the day and year are memorable for all the right reasons.

    Also, thanks t-man for all of your effort on this site and providing a place we can remember Veronika on her Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday Empress Goddess Queen Veronika Zemanova Pendragon Bassett!!!


    So much greatness ahead!!!

    Love you very much.


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