New Set 351 Pic

Was happy to find this new pic of Veronika for Set 351 published in an issue of Penthouse Letters from Dec. 2005.

Penthouse Letters Dec 2005 - Page 78 & 79F

Most of the large publishers like Penthouse and in particular Playboy tended to always print the same 8-9 pics for a particular set regardless of the country the issue was published in. Penthouse was a bit better in that regards than Playboy as they appeared to allow each country a little more liberty as to the layout and specific pics to use for their issue. This did lead to several unique Dutch Penthouse issues with images only ever released in those Dutch magazines.

The sad part however is that both Penthouse and Playboy would have spent a ton of money in arranging these photo shoots … flying the model and photographer to more exotic destinations, having dedicated make up and hair stylists available … yet in the end only ever release a handful of images … I can’t image the photographers pulled the trigger on the camera only 10 times during those photos shoots 😉 Based on what got published you would figure that was it. So what happened to all the other photos ??? Locked up in the archives of Penthouse and Playboy I guess never to ever see the light of day again. What a terrible waste for us fans.

Here’s a prime example … some “behind the scenes” footage from Veronika’s photo shoot for Playboy in New York City … what happened to all the “green top” photos … have only ever uncovered “one” !!!!!!!!

PBV-004-Playboy Behind the Scenes 2-2 - Full

I wish I knew someone at either of those publishers who had access to the vault … would love to see what goodies they hold.

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