Artist Focus: Denis Prenzel

Denis Prenzel was born in 1971 in Novi Pazar, Serbia (ex Yugoslavia), a small town in the Sandzak region.

Born to a father who devoted 60 years of his life to art in Belgrade, Denis first became interested in music as a child, playing drums in a band. In parallel, for a living, Denis also worked in the family bakery. In 1992, he hastily left the former Yugoslavia and the Balkans, where war was raging, to take refuge in Sweden. It was finally in 1995 he put his bags in Germany, where he now resides with his wife.

After many odd jobs here and there, it’s in 2006 that he decided to devote himself entirely to painting. He eventually became a freelance artist in 2012 and he made his specialty erotic drawings, with the talent that he knows. When he does not have a pencil or brush in hand, Denis is also exercised in photography, his second passion. Denis was a member of “The Guild of Erotic Artists” and had the honors of Jade magazine in London in 2014.

It is hard to argue that Denis has afforded us fans a collection of the some of the best works of art of Veronika. As can be seen from the samples below, he is one of the few artists able to capture the “essence” which makes Veronika. I hope you all agree 🙂

You can see all of Denis’ Veronika works HERE.

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