Veronika’s Retirement 10th Anniversary

It was exactly 10 years ago today that Veronika was in front of the camera for a professional photo shoot for the very last time. This marked the end of a modeling career which spanned more than 12 years and left us fans with a collection of images which will forever immortalize one of the the most beautiful women to ever grace this planet!!!

We hope that Veronika has had a wonderful retirement and that one day she will look back on her career and reflect with admiration on the outstanding body of work she left for this and future generations to enjoy and take solace in the fact that she brightened the hearts and souls of all who gazed upon her beauty.

You will forever be in our thoughts. Your ever endearing fans !!!!

Here’s a look back at what Veronika claimed was her first nude photo and one from the very last photo shoot … eternal beauty for sure !!!!

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