Iconic Veronika

As you might have read in the most recent website “Update” monologue, this month marks the 10th anniversary of Veronika’s official retirement from professional modeling.

Although we fans were distraught at her decision to end her career so suddenly without warning, we all respected the fact that she was married at that time and clearly wanted to start a family.

Over the course of her 12 year career however, she did leave us with an iconic body of work unequaled by few other models. Even today, her photographs are fresh and don’t show any evidence that they were shot almost 20 years ago. This was in part due to Veronika’s almost chameleon ability to alter her appearance photoshoot to photoshoot by creative choices and pairings of clothes, hairstyle and make-up … all working in unison to give her photos a never aging quality to them.

In honour of her 10th anniversary we wanted to present some of the ageless iconic photos of Veronika which will forever place Veronika among the most beautiful woman to ever grace this planet !!!!!

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