Two new videos uncovered !!!!

If you follow the Updates to the Veronika website on a weekly basis, you will have seen that 2 new never before seen videos were discoved last month!!! These were contributed by a new member who joined the forum just last month which started by him saying that he had found a couple of videos on his computer that did not appear to be listed in the video section of the website. I guess most folks would figure that after 20 years everything ever published featuring Veronika would have been found and catalogued by now. Well upon seeing the videos he sent me for the first time I was pleased to inform him that indeed they were not yet part of the video collection and were new. They were both hour long lost chats featured on Danni’s website …

This just goes to show that this journey to find everything every published / released of Veronika will never end … so if you have an older computer still kicking around please check the contents .. you never know what gems you might uncover 😉

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    1. Hi …

      go over the the website and select “Forum” on the top menu and register to join if you want to download and see them !!!


    1. Thanks my old friend “K” … this is a very interesting background story for that now infamous video.

      Please come and join us on the Forum 🙂

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