Special Dynamit Issue Arrives

The special issue of Dynamit magazine (2/2013) with a focus on Veronika has finally arrived on German newsstands … grab it while it’s hot !!!! Have ordered a copy. Can’t wait to see the layout inside 🙂


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  1. Seems like alot of New images in the past magazines. I am sure this one has loads of great new images and better images to the set.

  2. Well good news and bad news … just heard from a colleague in Germany who has already gotten a copy of the mag that it is NOT the special issue Dynamit had promised but instead dedicated to Set 011!!! Which means the special issue is still to come !!!! Will post some previews as soon as my copy arrives and I have had a chance to scan it.

    1. Hi Kevin …

      I assume that you meant the “Special Issue”?? Dynamit promised to print that almost 2 years ago now … we are still waiting for our Veronika special issue 🙁

      Hopefully soon 😉

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