Tribute to J. Stephen Hicks

It is with a heavy heart that I bring some sad news to all fans on the passing of J. Stephen Hicks on Feb. 7th.


Stephen was by far one of the best glamour photographers of our times and his work was published prolifically by virtually every Adult magazine and website. He was also responsible for many of my favourite Veronika photo shoots … I have attached a few of his best photos here:





More details can be found here: XBiz News Report

Rest in Peace J. Stephen.

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  1. Yesterday I was informed by webmaster T-man about J. Stephen’s death. I’m actually quite shocked about that terrible news. In the past, when I was representing Veronika, I have dealt with J. Stephen quite a lot, although Veronika already had worked with him before I first got in touch with Veronika. I personally consider J. Stephen one of the best glamour photographers – if not thé best – and I know that Veronika did as well. I also found out soon that she not only always had liked to work with him, but also did like, and appreciate him a lot because of his warm personality. They became close friends. When I got in touch with J. Stephen myself, I also experienced his exceptional kindness, and also became kind of friends with him (although, at one occasion, I’ve let him down, which I still regret very much, and feel quite bad about). J. Stephen definitely was the great photographer, ánd the great, warm-hearted person as he now is remembered by relatives, colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. His passing away really is a great loss for the photography, and adult websites business, but even more for the whole world, as a wonderful human being has died. Rest in peace, J. Stephen!

    PJ Peeters
    (former manager of Ms. Veronika Zemanová)

  2. Yes its a great loss to the world of glamour photography. He had some of the best photos of Veronika. Hope digitaldesire remains how he made the site. I am not sure how he passed. I am sure Veronika would want to know this horrible news.

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