Porsche Part 3 Available on Actiongirls.com

The last and final part of the new footage of the Porsche video was uploaded to Actiongirls.com … 14 more glorious minutes of an excessively sexy Veronika 🙂

Here’s the official preview and one frame from the video …. if that frame does not entice you to go get the video nothing will!!!!


Porsche (HD) New - Part 3.mp4_snapshot_12.07_[2014.10.18_20.02.04]

Wonder what video ScottyJX will reveal next week??? I am liking what I am seeing so far!!! Thank you ScottyJX!!!!

4 Replies to “Porsche Part 3 Available on Actiongirls.com”

  1. Es una verdadera maravilla de vídeo, la pena es que no te mojes de agua con ella, esta espectacular

    It is a marvel video, but unfortunately I do not monks of water with it, this spectacular

    1. Hi Ronnie …

      strange … had no problem downloading those MP4 files … went to the “Member” area … selected the Veronika icon for the video … when the MP4 logo came up I simply clicked the icon and said “Save As” …

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