Magazine Count Hits 1000 !!!!

It did not seem like that long ago that I had reported that the 900th magazine in which Veronika appeared was found … it is with great pleasure and amazement to be honest that today I unveil the 1000th magazine added to the Veronika collection!!!!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of fellow fans PyroGray, Bta and myself we’ve finally hit this milestone number in Veronika magazine appearances.

Now the magazine that turned out to be the magic number 1000 could have been anything, another old reprint, a cover only (or even worse, a small cover picture only) but as luck would have it it wasn’t. It was a copy of a very special Keck! magazine from 1999, and although it only contained one picture, it turned out to be something quite special …. something from a set from 1996 that although rumoured, has not been seen before. It’s from a completely unknown boy/girl set featuring Veronika in a silver-streaked blonde wig. I present it here for you now. Hope you like it!!!!

1999-06 - Keck! (1999-11-06) No 9
Keck! (1999-11-06) No 9 - Page 14 - AB

The set was shot by Roberto Rocchi back in 1996 … in a conversation I had had with Rocchi several years ago he had told me that he had shot Veronika in many many more outfits / settings and with several other men then what was ever released. He said unfortunately that all those photos had been lost when the Vanity Agency closed it’s doors. I had always hoped to find some of these missing pics … I guess this one pic is proof that they do exist!!!

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      1. Well it only took 17 years to find this one …

        Looking for help from anyone at this point to locate more pics in old magazines. Found this one only because the seller is very familiar with Veronika and noticed that it was her even with the blonde wig … I was extremely impressed. This is the first Keck! magazine I have come across which featured a photo of Veronika … my hope now is that there are more.

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