Alternate Veronika Zemanova Bio Added to Website

When the website first launched I had included the Veronika “autobiography” which she had published on her last website. This past month I decided to also add an “alternate version” of Veronika’s biography / bio which appeared on one of her earlier websites and included in the process some commentary which was posted by photographers who had the pleasure of working with Veronika.

Here’s a quick preview ….

Both full biographies can be found by clicking the links above or by visiting the Extras page on the website.

I hope that you enjoy this little glimpse into the “life of Veronika” 🙂

2 Replies to “Alternate Veronika Zemanova Bio Added to Website”

  1. Thank-you, the more I can learn about Veronika the better. Also wouldn’t it be cool if Veronika would use this site as her new official site then we would all get her normal everyday photos not only modelling ones

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